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lottieloz 01-27-2008 03:53 PM

recurrence bone tumor GCT of the proximal tibia
hey very spun out and feeling let down as i have a recurrent tumor 3 months after surgery at stanmore hospital!! also stanmore hospital didnt pick it up as growing back I had to complain as my leg was agony and couldnt walk even thou 1st operation they took out tumor and replaced with cement and plate n screws witch hurt,,but felt it hadnt gone completely:confused:
Now I'm waiting for operation on waiting list and am unsure what they'l do next or what damage the Giant cell tumor has done now! ssooo scared! Any feed back would be fab;)
thank you all and good luck to anyone else sufferin!:D

bootleg4now 02-13-2008 07:15 AM

Re: recurrence bone tumor GCT of the proximal tibia
Hi Lottieloz. I am sorry to hear about your surgery/recurrance! I had my first surgery in 2005. The GCT was on my left distal tibia. I had put off going to the doctor until I almost couldn't walk. The tumor was centered about 4 inches above the lower end of the tibia and was quite large. They cut out the tumor and put in bone graft (cadaver bone). No plate or screws.

The first surgery seemed like a success until about a year later, when the tumor came back. Same location, just smaller. Surgery #2. Easier than #1, but still a pain. Again, cut out tumor, fill with bone graft.

5 months later, the tumor returned. This time not only in the bone, but in the soft tissue near the surgery site. Surgery # 3 was this past August. Same procedure.

I go back to the doc this month; hopefully to hear that all is well!

Now, don't let me case scare you. My doc said I must really like to beat the odds! :)

Don't get too frustrated with the hospital/doctor you are using. If your docs are anything like ours, they are over booked with patients, and it is hard for them to remember who is who. Sometimes, we have to be the squeaky wheel to get their attention.

My surgeon works for one of the best universities in the country, and my tumor keeps coming back. When the tumor developed in the soft tissue, I told him as soon as I noticed it. He kept saying it was scar tissue. Then, when it got big enough to show up on the x-ray, he finally believed me.

Even after all of this, my doc thinks that as long as the tumor doesn't come back, my leg will be almost as good as the other one.

Keep your chin up, we can beat this if we stay positive! Good luck!


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