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nellymay 10-23-2011 12:11 PM

chondromyxoid fibroma
Hi, my son has MHE (exsostosis) and durind an MRI scan a tumour was found in his tibia. I did a bit of research and was convinced it was chondrosarcoma as exsostosis apparently can turn nasty, I have been worried sick for three months. He has had 2 biopsies first came back as normal bone (but I knew they had gone in in the wrong place) and second result i was told he had a chondromyxoid fibroma and this was not related to his exsostosis, but I am still concernered, as it seems bizzarre, and after lookinf this up on the net i discovered that histologically it is almost the same and generally the final diagnosis comes from radiological images. Doea anyone know anything about this tumour and what the treatment will be? Like I said all I know is that he has to have surgery.
Please help:confused:

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