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ebarbara 12-21-2011 10:09 PM

travel advice after cast removal
Hi all -
I have really enjoyed reading through the stories that are so close to mine. On November 13th, 2011 I fell on a wet tile sidewalk in Aruba (last day of vacation at least..) I flew home to NC and went to the ER. X-rays revealed 2breaks - one on the outside of my right lower leg, and one on the inside of the same leg. I saw an orthopedic surgeon a few days later and received a splint which stayed on for a week while the swelling went down. Surgery was scheduled (metal plate with 8 screws on the left side of the leg due to a sprial fracture and a handful of pins on the inside part of ankle. 2 weeks later I went back for more x-rays and a fiberglass cast was put on. I will have the cast for 4 weeks (off Jan 2nd), and then i'm not sure what happens. I'm using crutches now, and since this injury is on my right foot - i'm not driving. I am a furniture showroom designer and am ALWAYS up and bouncing around. I have a flight scheduled for Jan 3rd to Vegas, where i'll have to live for a month getting the showroom ready. If anyone has any advice on traveling after surgery, casts, etc I would be really interested. I know i'll need some mobility help - either a walker, scooter, etc - suggestions welcome here too.
Thank your for taking the time to read this post - i've never written on a message board before and I'm curious to see who out there may be able to send me some holiday cheer and helpful advice - many thanks...

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