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itsSID16 11-23-2012 08:34 PM

Questions on Ankle Fracture :(
G'day everyone,

I'm Sid, a teen, and here's a bit of background information on what's happened to me. On Thursday, 11th October, I was playing touch football at school and while running was simply pushed, in which I rolled my left ankle the opposite way. I was dragged to the sideline on my right leg carefully, and seated with my left leg on a chair. I was provided with ice to place on the ankle. At the time, ankle hurt like never before. I was in extreme pain for 30 minutes, and I demanded a wheel-chair and to be taken to the office so my Dad could pick me up. Unfortunately, my Dad works 2 hours away from my school and he rushed to the school. In the office I sat with my leg in pain, and I was unable to elevate it or keep it straight because it hurt too much, so I put my left leg over my right leg and held onto it as that was where the least pain was achieved. Sadly I should've known that elevation was key, but I failed to do that.

Once my Dad had arrived, we went to the local GP (doctor) who got my X-Rays done and said that it was just a bad ankle sprain, but still she would look at the report once it came in and let us know the final verdict. She bandaged my leg quite well, and I kept non-weight bearing.

Next morning, my Dad got a call from the Doctor and she advised that we went straight into the emergency centre at the local Hospital as she had said that it was a fracture. We rushed into hospital, and they did plenty of CT Scans, X-Rays and got me in a room, put on a numbing mask on my nose, which made me lose all senses, but it wasn't anaesthetics, and they plastered my leg, trying to put it back into place without surgery. Once that was done, they got me to do some more X-Rays and turned out that surgery would be required. The surgeon came in later, and said that it was a 'SALTER HARRIS TYPE 4' Fracture. My growth plate had a break through it simply. And due to the extreme long waiting at the public hospital, we decided to book in our surgery a week after, on 18th October.

I had my surgery in 1-2 hours safely, and woke up with a heavy feeling cast, drowsiness and whatnot. The Surgeon had said that 3 screws had been put in quite well. The cast/splint got cut off on 31st October, and the stitches were removed. It's been just around a month now since then, and I've been in a cam-walker boot, non-weight bearing on crutches.

I had my X-Rays today as I'm going in for a meeting with my surgeon who suggested that he'll look at the healing process and get me to start walking on 28th November, next week. While having the boot on, I've been daily just moving my ankle a little bit and rotating it in circles but am unable to move it around as well as the right ankle.

My questions are:
- Will I be able to make my ankle move the same way I could before the injury?
- Will I ever be able to play sports again?
- Will I be able to accept trauma on the ankle again? E.g. trip over and shake it off and what not.
- Why are my toes still partially numb, not completely but a little bit?
- Why is my left foot in a different colour (darker) to my right foot)

I would appreciate if someone could respond. It's been a hard couple of months not being able to walk, and use crutches all the time. I'm feeling quite angry and sad right now as I'm feeling that I'll never reach full capacity on my ankle agin. Thanks!


Eskarina 11-27-2012 03:48 PM

Re: Questions on Ankle Fracture :(
Hi Sid

I feel your pain!

I broke my right ankle in October requiring an ORIF op- basically plate and pins on outside of my ankle. I had a fibula fracture at the ankle.

I can't answer all your questions but on another forum a physio messaged me to say he had rehabbed a lot of people with my type of injury. I think the key thing is not to rush the recovery and ensure you are fully fit before resuming sports.

I can feel my toes but a lot of people do nerve damage. Ultrasound can help with healing once you're doing physio and the nerves will hopefully grow back.

My foot is often purple as the blood rushes there and all the bruising.

Has anyone else been in similar situ to us? Any footwear advice for post boot period? The thought of walking in wet or icy weather freaks me out. I have an appt next week to assess at 6 week point.


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