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chrispyzs 01-20-2015 11:27 AM

slipping rib syndrome/tiezte syndrome
Does anyone know much about slipping rib syndrome? I have a cartilage disorder that effects one side of my body and has made my ribs grow at funny angles. Recently my chest has been hurting in the centre of my sternum for the last 5 weeks or so. Could a rib (third or forth one down) slip out of my sternum and cause minor pain in my chest by sneezing hard or stretching my chest?

Any information would be appreciated even its a point in the right direction.

Meyer1102t 10-21-2019 02:48 PM

Re: slipping rib syndrome/tiezte syndrome
Slipping rib ... I had this from 2009-2013 was a 10 pain I could not figure it out. It happened suddenly a tearing pain across my the bottom of my chest.Then my whole chest was painful they said it was Tietze and Costo.

Long story short I learned all my ribs and started feeling around when I would lay down my 10th rib false rib would go into place when I would sit up or twist it would fold under my ninth rib above it so when they imaged it it would look fine because I was standing or laying down.

The 10th rib is not attached to sternum directly it is attached by a piece of cartilage to the 9th rib above it if that tears off the cartilage the 10th rib hangs down just enough so when you bend it slips under the rib above it. Thatís why it is called slipping rib. It was also broken so the sharp end was digging into my insides like a sharp stick I think your spleen is there.

Finally I showed my doctor was sent to a thoracic surgeon he felt it right away, he resected (cut) it off at my side which was very painful for months but that was the answer. No amount of exercise or any other procedure can put a rib thatís detached back in place. I was thankful for an answer.

If it happens in the back it can be called twelfth rib syndrome where the ribs rub together in the back. A thoracic surgeon or a sports surgeon are educated about it if you can prove itís happening and you can beg them to see you or you have a very smart doctor.

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