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Golfin 10-25-2015 07:27 AM

Big bumps after hemorrhoidectomy - week 4
Hello, I am in week 4 after hemorrhoidectomy of two internal and external hemorrhoids. I still have pain in the area, some bleeding with BMs and a lot of skin swelling.

One doctor posted an article saying that this bumps may stay for several months. I have some bumps, but one that is really large and I would not like to be left with that big thing. I don't mind a small skin tag, but a big one would be a problem.

So, my questions is for whoever can help me if there is a way to reduce the inflammation of the skin that generates this big bump (warm sit baths, ice, any type of natural medicine, cream, etc) and what to avoid for increasing its size. I have noticed that it has gone smaller but returned to its size again after some kind of event (I guess could be a BM, Sitting over it, ..I don't know)

Thanks !!

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