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  • strange symtoms, looking for answers!

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    strange symtoms, looking for answers!

    32, Male.

    ive had looser stools most of the time for around 4 or 5 years now. never seemed to change regardless of eating healthy, exercise so I just didn't mess with it as there was no pain or anything, about a year after a began getting bad acid reflux at night, this plagued me for maybe a month. over that month due to eating better and working out I lost weight and that had stopped. I should add I'm over weight but not obese. I'm 5'10" and 223lbs but I also weight lift so have a higher muscle content then average for my height. but let fast forward to now.

    7 days ago I got a bloated feeling in my stomach itself that when laying down caused some nausea but never enough to cause me to get sick. 2nd day I started getting a throb in my lower right abdomen and central right with a sore back. this freaked me out so I went to the ER. while wating for my wife to take me in my skin started getting itchy, not one sign of rash, no redness, no bumps. seemed a little dry but ive had much dryer skin with no itching.

    So the hospital does a urine test, cbc blood test, physical exam and a CT scan. everything comes back fine. Even though I told the dr I wasn't in pain he diagnosed me with abdominal pain and gives me librax and Prilosec. while there they gave me Ativan to calm me down which actually also stopped the throbbing in my stomach. He tells me to take gas x for the stomach. I follow the directions for 3 days. Now I mostly feel fine, no stomach issues but have had diarrhea 2 times out of 4 bowel movements over that time. whats concerning me is the itching.

    So I go to another doctor with all my test results and he agreed everything was fine even though a couple things between the urine and blood tests showed abnormal. he said they were barely above normal and actually based on his labs scale I was just fine but just for piece of mind he does another cbc as well as looks for thyroid issues. everything comes back fine. he then gives me hydroxozine for the itching which does help but makes me soooo tired. that first night I slept for 13 hours!!

    But as soon as it wears off the itching comes back, Ive even been woken up twice now from my itching. call the dr back, he tells me he thinks the digestive issue and skin issue may be caused my anxiety. My wife instantly agrees which resulted in a fun discussion on why I'm just now hearing this lol
    so he calls in some klonopin which I took half his recommended does today as I absolutely hate taking pills or anything that alters me. I occasionally drink but I mean like maybe 2 or 3 times a year and even that's a couple beers, ive maybe been drunk twice in the last 5 years.

    so my question is, are all these symtoms related? has anyone else dealt with this and found relief? again I have zero... ZERO hives or rash like marks just itch like hell on my back, chest and arms and occasionally the sides of my thighs. 3 doctors, multiple tests. are they missing something? is this really in my head?

    any help would be much appreciated.

    fyi- had thyroid checked as my mom had a thyroid issue (was slow) that started in her late 40s but I figured id get it checked for piece of mind.
    they checked me for liver and kidney function, pancreas function, appendix, and used a CT scan to look for inflammation or tumors and everythuing came back great. blood pressure, pulse, temperature. Everything is normal!! except diarrhea and itchy skin. Could I have seriously developed a food allergy? no history of that in my family either, neither parents or grandparents have any food allergies or alletgies of any kind aside from hay fever in the spring which hasn't effected me for years since moving to Arizona.

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    Re: strange symtoms, looking for answers!

    Xtra Strength Gax-X is the same thing as a laxative. They share many of the same ingredients.

    Some / many of your symptoms are those of gall bladder stones. My doctor told me I couldn't have gall bladder problems because I wasn't throwing up. Well, my pain was like a throb or spasm in my back and bloating, gassy feeling when lying down. It would get better if I got up and walked around. I also belched when lying down. He said I was swallowing air (yes, I do that).

    I finally had 2 horrible gall bladder attacks in one night, had an ultrasound and emergency gall bladder surgery at 7 a.m. and was shopping at Walmart that night.

    Consider asking for an ultrasound to see if you have gall stones.

    There is a 'test' you or your doctor can do. Basically you grab your waist with your right hand and take a DEEP breath. If you feel a 'stitch' in your side or a catch in your breath, that's called Murphy's Sign and points to gall stones.

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    Re: strange symtoms, looking for answers!

    2 doctors have ruled that out now. I don't have any pain and even the throbbing has gone away now. Just stuck with this itchy skin late night/ early morning mostly. I've now had 3 blood tests, 2 urine tests, 3 physical exams and a CT scan. Dr directly told me it's nothing with my internal organs. I actually am wondering now if I developed lactose intolerance. After cutting dairy out for 2 days the stomach issues were completely gone and itching was still there but I didn't realize it had gotten better until last night. I had a cup of Greek yogurt and about an hour later rumbles in my lower stomach then diarrhea and itching came back last night and this morning in full force. I'm thinking I will cut out all dairy for a month and see how things go and if any new symptoms come up or old ones come back I'll go back to my dr. Every heard of developing an intolerance or it getting worse that fast? My wife reminded me the night this started we had chicken and cream cheese enchiladas and it's all sort of hitting me now that this may be my issue and for some reason it wasn't even suggested by doctors. They blamed my anxiety and gave me pills I won't take.

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    allergy, diarrhea, ibs, itchy

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