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  • What's going on with my stools? Prolapse?

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    Old 10-19-2019, 01:50 AM   #1
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    What's going on with my stools? Prolapse?

    Hi I've spent many hours reading other posts in the hope of finding someone experiencing similar but not had an luck, hoping for some clue as to what is going on by someone out there.
    Starting Jan this year I had a change to bowel movements which has got progressively worse (I was always a go once or twice a day person prior to all this). I started going less originally which was narrower stool, soft, flat on one side but now it's got to the point where unless I've taking 2 to 3 laxido everyday for a few days my efforts of bowel movement either result in nothing despite really trying or just a very small amount passes which is thin and very soft. I don't have any real urge to pass stool as such anymore ie the cramps in stomach etc just a weird feeling in my rectum that I need to try to go.Usually after an attempted bowel movement I will leave feeling quite a lot of pain in my lower sacrum area. I have also however in these months been experiencing the lower sacrum ache and rectal pressure almost constantly, pelvic and groin area ache and the feeling of being stretched as such in my vagina area when trying to pass stool.Also acid in throat regularly which I've never suffered with prior.and bloating.
    I went to my doctor who did a pelvic exam and says I have a small recotecele, cystecele and uterus prolapse, the uterus apperantly the worse but not bad. Was told to do stool samples which haven't done yet as was only last week i saw the doctor. And was told to do pelvic floor exercises for 3 months and come back if no improvement.
    I just can't understand what is going on with my bowels, I understand a lot of others do experience bowel disturbance with prolapses but mine are not bad so I'm now thinking is something else going on because surely this can't be what is causing me so much stool disturbance?
    Is there anyone out there experiencing similar or that can offer some insight into what could be causing this other that Dr Google telling me I must have cancer because that is the result I mostly get when I search my symptoms. Extremely worried that something bad is going on to me please help.

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    Re: What's going on with my stools? Prolapse?

    Dear Don,

    Hi Don333,

    I fully can understand the concern. Perhaps my story will help you make decisions.
    I had an easily upset digestive system from birth and vomited the formulas made for babies. I am thinking I probably was one that would have done well with human milk or even cow milk but that was not an option I had back then.

    Many years ago I had a hysterectomy after female organ prolapse concerns, and that didn't help my gut function well at all, nor was my female system found to be diseased. I had more prolapse after the hysterectomy than before and of course, the body organs do help each other stay in place. Just saying if it is not diseased, you may want to keep your organs.

    After a common colonoscopy done strictly due to my age, no signs of disease, my bowels quit wanting to move at all to the point where it was alarming and I tried every thing my doctors and I could think of, got all sorts of tests, etc. and supposedly nothing was wrong. I lost any urge to pass a stool. I knew that the digestive system needs pro- and pre-biotics, fiber, water, and so on, and I tried everything I knew but nothing was helping my body normalize.

    I saw my Endocrinologist for thyroid issues and told him what had been going on. He told me that the preparation that cleans out the colon also removes all of the healthy flora, etc. that normalizes the digestive process. Some people bounce back from that but not everyone does.

    He told me the pure black licorice extract found at American health food stores helps the body build up healthy gut enzymes (the black candy sold in most American stores is not true licorice because licorice was deemed to be a drug so was removed from U.S. candy). I was told to take drops of that twice a week until the problem was relieved. In America many dollar stores now sell Australian licorice candy and it still has genuine licorice in it. But the drops have a higher amount of licorice than the Australian candy.

    I also was told to cut sugar out of my diet completely for awhile (pure sugar feeds the unhealthy bacteria) and take prebiotics and probiotics daily and eat a lot of plain yogurt so my gut could begin to relax and work properly.

    Every situation and every person's body is different. You may get quick results by making some changes. For me to get rebalanced back to almost normal took the licorice drops taken for a few weeks, and after that regularly eating Australian licorice candy, cooked fruit and vegetable fiber, plain yogurt and taking prebiotics and probiotics daily for over two years. After all of that, plus drinking enough pure water my bowels are finally normalizing.

    Don't be put off by how long this took for me, as everyone is different. You may get quick results. Don't over do. Try increasing water and fiber intake gradually. You don't want the runs of course, just to get rebalanced back to normal bowel habits.

    Keep in mind that Dr. Google doesn't know your body. Don't let him scare you.
    ~ YaYa ~

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    Re: What's going on with my stools? Prolapse?

    Have you seen a GI doctor? That would be my next move. Not only can they help with Pelvic Floor issues but they can do motility studies which will confirm if it is a pelvic floor issue... it could be intestinal- and a Colonoscopy or upper endoscopy can help determine if this is the case. I would not let a primary doctor tell you what is happening with my stools (or a GYN); see a stool specialist. A gastroenterologist or GI doctor.
    RRMS- dx 05

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    Re: What's going on with my stools? Prolapse?

    I am suffering the same thing.. was told have cystocele and rectocele .. Started to have issues with bowels not having urge and needing to take laxitive to go .. have u found any answers ?

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    Old 01-02-2020, 01:32 AM   #5
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    Re: What's going on with my stools? Prolapse?

    Have same issues and adding to this thread in the hope that someone who has some advice might see it.

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    Re: What's going on with my stools? Prolapse?

    I have the same problem it was diagnosed as a Rectal Intussusception.

    I was supposed to have a Ventral Mesh Rectopexy in May 2010 but it was done without the mesh in the end because the rectum was nicked during surgery. They just lifted everything and stiched it into place, Things were not really any better after it was done. Maybe a little better but I still had the same going to the loo issues. I have since had posterior repair and extensive pelvic floor repairs a year later. things were marginally better following that but not for long. I still have the problem all these years later and keep being fobbed off. the consultant says there is nothing else he can do and his only option is a Stoma which I do not want. he has given me a rectal irrigation thing called Qufora but that is not very successful. I can use it 3 or 4 times some days as it comes out bit at a time.

    Hope you get some answers soon as I know how miserable it is to deal with I put up with it for years

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