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niceguy500 09-04-2020 05:27 PM

External Hemorrhoid question ...

Just curious if anyone with an external hemorrhoid has experienced where itís swollen and you can feel it without touching it. Meaning when Iím just moving around or walking you can feel itís there, like something stuck to your butt.

Its been about 5 days and thankfully not that painful, and I am being aggressive with Epsom baths, water and fiber, and icing it. But just the sensation of physically feeling something attached to your anus can be very off-putting and makes you sort of clench up. I would say its the size of a jellybean, swollen over about half the anus.

I have had a recurring one there as far back as 20 years, but hadnít really experienced flare up and light bleeding until a few years ago. And even then I would say I get a flare up once a year.

quincy 09-05-2020 08:58 AM

Re: External Hemorrhoid question ...
I've had one that caused shock-like throbbing pain across and down my buttock...a discomfort way over and above my back issues.

Have you tried a regular steroid cream?
If you live in Canada, I suggest you ask your doctor for ointment Proctocedyl or the generic Proctol.


MSNik 09-06-2020 06:04 AM

Re: External Hemorrhoid question ...
Look into banding CRH banding...get it done. it takes 5 minutes in a GI office and its for external hemorrhoids and it works and is painless!

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