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sdogg203 11-12-2003 05:44 PM

It hurts when i poop and i got some blood, WHATS WRONG?
I am 15 but i never had this problem in my whole life. Its started when i started eating alot more meat b/c i needed protein for weight lifting. Now i start to get pain in my left part of my stomach. Its like the left abdomen. I ONLY GET THIS PAIN when i start to run for a while. ( i play sports). Also, when i go to the bathroom, it stings like hell when the poop comes out and now blood is coming out. BUT the blood it doesnt come out everytime i go like one day i will go no blood, the next day no blood, but then the next day blood will come out. I also think when i go the bathroom i am not emptying my system full anymore. What should i do? People say that i just need more fiber in my diet, cause i dont each much fruits or vegetables. Could this be the problem? IF it is fiber, how long will it take for this to take in effect?

auntjudyg 11-13-2003 07:02 AM

My first thought was fiber also. However, increase it GRADUALLY (like adding somewhere around 5 grams more for a couple of days, then adding another 5 grams, etc.) or you could end up with cramping you could not imagine! Also make sure you are drinking plenty of water (at LEAST 2 quarts), and eating some yogurt might help also. It is hard to say when things might clear up, and it is best not to be looking for the fastest relief here. But eating some prunes could speed up results also.

Good luck!

litroy 11-13-2003 06:17 PM

You might want to consider using fiber supplement in powder form, they work pretty good in soften your stool if you drink lots of liquid (metamucil). I was 13 when I first had blood in stool, and that was because of internal hemorroids. So another suggestion might be to visit your family doctor and have him/her check to see if you have hemorroids or some other common disorder. Don't let this problem go unchecked, and don't strain too much on the toilet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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