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  • Lower Abdominal Pain that will not go away

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    Old 08-27-2004, 05:56 PM   #1
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    Unhappy Lower Abdominal Pain that will not go away

    I started having esophageal pain daily back in March or April. It got to be a big nusance so I saw a doctor. I was diagnosed with GERD and was put on prilosec. Shortly after being on prilosec I started having bowel movements that were hard, very large, compact, and dry. They would hurt when they came out. However, they were NOT infrequent. They would occur daily and I started noticing blood in the toilet tissue after wiping (or in the toilet after a bowel movement. I also started getting abdominal pain in my lower abdomen. It was mostly in the right quadrant, under the belly button and to the right. It was a crampy sort of pain that would go on and off and get worse after foods such as doughnuts. The pain would ocassionally be diagonal left down from my belly button as well. As the summer went on, the pain became more frequent and intense. I received an upper GI series, endoscopy, and abdominal ultrasound -- all of which came back negative. I really don't know what to do at this point. The pain has gotten to the point where it is there from the time I wake until the time I go to bed. I have been doing a lot of research online about it. The pain does not go away after a bowel movement so I ruled out Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Also, there is no nausea or vomitting associated with it so that made me think it probably was not Chrohn's disease. My doctor tried switching me from prilosec to nexium a month ago...but the abdominal pain is the same as it used to be. I stopped taking nexium for 6 days but the abdominal pain did not get better. I know that side effects of prilosec and nexium are constipation and abdominal pain so my best guess is that the prilosec caused constipation which was never taken care of (because the abdominal pain started after prilosec usage...and then all summer I had enormous, hard, compact, dry stools). The pain is now under my ribcage on the right as well. Someone please help me if you have any ideas or knowledge about this subject matter. On the following website I located my pain as being mostly in the lower part of the ascending colon, but also in the descending colon and in the upper part of the ascending colon:

    I look forward to a response from someone because I really need to make this pain go's becoming the focus of my life.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Old 08-29-2004, 01:14 PM   #2
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    Re: Lower Abdominal Pain that will not go away

    I think you need to take a water soluble fiber supplement like Metamucil --- it is safe to take daily and will regulate your BMs w/o straining.

    A person needs 25 to 35 grams of fiber daily. You may need to take psyllium twice daily and make sure you drink enough water daily. Hard stools indicate that you are not drinking enough fluid-- As you know --your body is about 70% water. And your colon has become too efficient at extracting it for it's needs!!

    God Bless---Harry

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    Re: Lower Abdominal Pain that will not go away

    Hi my name is Karen,

    You sound like you are living a similar experience to me. I have had pain in around the same area you do and now it has even spread all over my stomach and gallblader area. I have had all sorts of tests to try and work out what the problem is and I am also on Nexium which has not made any difference whatsoever.

    I have tried metamucil but it did not make any difference to the pain. I know I am not helping much but if I do find out what my pain is then I will come back and post another reply to you.

    If you end up finding out before me, it would be appreciated if you could post the outcome. I would really be interested in hearing what the doctors have to say.

    Frustrated and living in pain too

    Old 08-30-2004, 03:41 PM   #4
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    Re: Lower Abdominal Pain that will not go away

    Ya I'll let you know if I figure out what it is. My pain is all over my abdomen and in my gallbladder area too. I thought I might have gallstones but my abdominal ultrasound revealed no such thing. How long have you been on the nexium? I wonder if the nexium is the culprit because I never got the abdominal pain until I started trying to cure my GERD problem with prilosec and then nexium.

    Old 08-30-2004, 08:01 PM   #5
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    Post Re: Lower Abdominal Pain that will not go away

    Prevacid(sp??) left me deathly ill, blood pressure went up to 190 over 100.. doctor looked at me weird..

    aciphex left me a nice burning sensation that woke me up in the middle of the night.. it's terrible when the side effects are worse than the cure.. Nexium works 16 hours not 24, prilosec worked the best for me.. For antacids, I have to stay away from tums and rolaids and anything with a lot of magnesium.. I will get severe cramps, the runs and vomiting... It's like u have stomach flu or food poisoning... and it sent me to the hospital twice.

    Give your whole GI tract a break.. yeppers, it's the ever so boring.. Tea, rice and banana diet for three days.. after that, we move to food elimination.. I know, why am I bringing this up when it seems to be everywhere else..

    I do that diet after each cramping session.. .. $tock in rice are through the roof I suppose..

    Well I doubt liquids, (jello) rice and a banana will cause u issues.. unless you are allergic to any of them... including too many minerals in water.. ugh!

    Honking huge bowel movements? drink LOTS of water and try taking Fibercon capsules... While in the waiting room of the doctor who treats me ulcerative Colitis, i have over heard a lot of people who swear by it.. ME? I fear all roughage.. If u wanna take my place, lay half passed out in the bathroom floor, crying and having the pain as if u were giving birth to a adult sized killer whale, have at it... fiber, fresh fruits and veggies pass str8 through and leave me in horrific and miserable condition... ( i have liquid version of lomotil, I take this for severe cramps.. but... u sound like u have some sort of an Ulcer.. but then again.. Are there any other details no matter how small that the doctor said or your own observations)

    btw, only 10-20% of the individuals who have UC, are the severe versions..

    AND since my IBS is concurrent with the IBD.. i get to suffer the worst of both worlds... including GERD.

    if the pain was in the lower Left quadrant, I would say, go for a ever so wonderful colonoscopy yes that is sarcasm when i ever refer to any kind endoscopy... It isn't as bad as it sounds, the procedure is very quick.. u feel little if nothing pain wise, be sure they knock u out with enough sedative to put a full grown horse to sleep.. The preparation, is another story...
    It cleans u out... gawd, does it ever... you don't cramp during the cleaning and u may fee rather great after it... for the first time u do it.. it'll pretty much mess up any schedule you're bowels have for emptying, but it is nothing to worry about..

    on another note, If u ever suspect that your fecal matter has compacted in you, grunting and straining will get you no where, nor should u go out for a $50 clean out... what are those things called that people swear by but doctors frown at? besides if by chance it is impacted.. you will need to purchase an oil enema.. u take it, lie on your stomach for 1-4 hours and let it take care of the rest... They do work, I've been there done that..

    food to avoid.. deep fried including doughnuts.. fatty foods, and sometime milk and any product that has whey in it.. this includes the stuff that browns other food.. NO FRENCH FRIES... especially the real ones, not that stuff from McD..

    I will say right now and repeat it probably again, if u are not seeing a doctor who specializes in the GI tract, u need to. the GI tract is mouth to uranus.

    a colonoscopy will rule out a lot of things... including cancer... another reason I have one yearly..
    Barium, drink it and the spiffy enema's.. you'll hate the test, but it will rule out other stuff.. if u already had it done, u already know what that all means.

    If u have done all of this and u still come up negative, get a second opinion.. u did the colonoscopy too, yes? I have to ask, since an endoscopy can be either end or both... however, I refer to the colonoscopy different from the one that goes in your mouth and down, down, down..

    If your issues were once in a while, there is nothing to fret about really. If they happen a lot and u do worry, then the issues should be looked deeper into.. you can listen to our experiences and suggestions, but it is your body and you are the one who is miserable, don't second guess or fear seeing another doctor.. there are some bad things that can be worse than any of us have experienced so far...

    doughnuts make me ill with cramps,(waaaah!) so do a lot of other foods, and guess what, anything that makes u sick, u will need to exclude from your diet.... makes no difference if u love it or addicted to it...

    i take it no ulcers were found? ( Anywhere!!)

    btw, the newer drugs for gerd have been pushed by a lot of doctors, I think mainly by the fact they have so many freebies and they can supply u with LOTS of samples, but they do not always work.. nexium is guilty for not lasting the promised 24 hours.. I have ended up taking two different brand names of the meds, they all pretty much do the same thing, but some seem to make u ill while others, over time, will not.

    Remove rich foods from your diet.. that means no crispy cremes..

    try that boring diet with rice if u have not already.. no, u can not cheat and add flavor.

    remove spices, and other fun stuff from your food... basically u are going to eat a boring diet.

    do u have hemorrhoids?

    umm, if it wasn't for the AD i take for the issues of what they are for, There is only one liquid that doesn't affect me.. Alcohol.. gawd... but since I take meds that can not in any circumstances mix with alcohol.. (drugs in suspension are not included.)

    who ever said the pain goes away with a BM? not always.. I've actually had more after than before.. not trying to discourage you. blood without heroics.. PLEASE see another doctor or a specialist.

    I waited till 5 years ago, to see a specialist... and the only one reason I didn't, besides my issues becoming worse was the fear of the tests themselves.. I didn't know I would get a colonoscopy.. i thought it would be something else..

    NOTE this, just because urea symptoms do not fit what you have read about IBD's doesn't mean that should be ruled out.. I am an Atypical patient, what works for everyone else, does not work for me (all the time.. )

    Crohns can affect ALL of the GI tract... from one end to the other, literally.. (mouth to uranus)
    Ulcerative Colitis? the large colon.. How either starts, no one knows. (something of your immune system.. in the large colon, your body rejects something in there, hence the scarring.. interesting stuff but then again...scary stuff..)

    but hey, reading the research u found on the internet can some times cause more harm than good... I waited the 6 longest days in my life to wait for an biopsy that told me, that even though my symptoms said Crohns, the scar's and biopsy said Ulcerative Colitis. the test was on a Thursday, the dr said it was an IBD, total results the next tuesday.

    btw, IBD does not cause bad spelling, I am just a bad speller..

    I don't know what else to say, and what I suggest and have typed out here, is only from personal experience (gawd I can't spell anymore) What works for most might not work for you... I really wanted to put something else down but I forgot it.. don't u just hate that..

    I did know of a person who had the same symptoms as me, but the final medical issue was a gallbladder issue, something to do with the duct(??) and not the stones..

    I take an anti-spasmodic called levbid.. but that is for the colon.. yours from your description is farther up.. but u also have cramps..

    ask your pharmacist if any drugs prescribed can cause constipation, even if the doctor gave u samples.. even ask about any of the rare ones that might cause the issues u have..

    drink lots and lots of water and fluids, stay away from acidity drinks... and

    learn to love




    I apologize for the fact that I did not read your message through, my bad, and a very bad habit.. charge and then look and be embarrassed later.

    I typed out a reply, that jumps around more than

    and basically I should have not babbled so much, but hey, if u ever need a sleep aid, my replies will put u into a deep coma like sleep... so I guess that is a plus..

    oh, umm, adding this... color of the blood on the toilet paper is light or dark?
    have you had the.. poop looked at? (sorry, but it was better than have u had that sh... looked at.)
    do u become hot and sweaty with the cramps?.. do you become really tired?, but you know u can not sleep with the cramps.

    any BM's that look black and tarry and/or coffee grounds? (and I don't mean after pepto-bismo.)

    whatever else comes to mind I'll add even though I REALLY sure reread this now and delete a bunch of stuff, but then it would not be a sleep aid anymore..

    Originally Posted by jrm2428
    I started having esophageal pain daily back in March or

    I look forward to a response from someone because I really need to make this pain go's becoming the focus of my life.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Lower Abdominal Pain that will not go away

    Hi I've been on Nexium for about 4 months now. I have stopped using it for about the last two weeks because my doctor wants me to monitor all the different foods I eat to try and pin point what is affecting me.

    He thinks it may be celiac disease??


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