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gassy, soft stool, smell

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Old 12-07-2002, 12:35 PM   #1
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Bruyn HB User
Post gassy, soft stool, smell


I'm about 40, but I've had this problem as long as I can remember. My stool is rather soft (not watery - more like a cow pie) and extremely pungent (I get a lot of complaints). The smell item is actually the most disconcerting! My BM are very regular - 1 every day after breakfast.

On top of this I am extremely gassy. Which is also a drag. If I'm at home it's not really a problem, but if I have to hold it in for a long time I start to get cramps.

I have a varied and fairly heathly diet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. (especially on the gas and smell problem)

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Harry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB User

Smelly bowels can be caused by not having the right kind of intestinal bacteria in your intestines that needs to be rebalanced with the friendly bacteria found in yogurt and probiotic supplements like lactobacilus Acidophilus.

Putrification bacteria that causes foul smelly stools can also be caused by eating a diet that is too acidic.
All meat, grains, dairy(lactic acid) produces acid. Fruits and veggies are alkaline.
A healthy diet consist of 80% alkaline and 20 % acid foods!!! Not many people eat this way---

I wish you well---Harry

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Old 12-08-2002, 01:07 AM   #3
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Bruyn HB User

Thanks Harry,

That was quite informative. I'm pretty sure that I'm lactose intolerant (I used to be allergic to milk) so yogurt's not really an option. Is lactobacilus Acidophilus ok for a lactose intolerant diet?

I eat a lot of whole-wheat bread (8-10 slices a day). I guess I could cut down on that.
You mention fruit as being alkaline. I also drink a lot of orange juice. Is that acid or alkaline?

Do you think something like lactaid would help if I do happen to eat cheese or a dairy product?

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Harry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB User

Most people that are lactose intolerant have problems with milk sugar (lactose) that is very difficult to digest. It take 2 types of active bacteria to make all yogurt and the bacteria digests most of the milk sugar in the process. So, most people that are allergic to milk can readily tolerate yogurt. Several brands add additional live active cultures. Stonyfield Farm has 6 and Cascade yogurt has 8 cultures ---both are very good ---so don't write yogurt off without trying it. The best types are usually at health food stores but read the labels.

Acidity and alkalinity are measured by the pH (potential of hydrogen) scale. Water is a pH of 7.0 and is neutral. Anything below 7.0 is acid and a pH above 7.0 is Alkaline. The best range for us humans is slightly acidic -- 6.8 to 6.0.

You can test your body fluds with litmus paper---- testing your saliva and urine. I use Nitrazine Paper with a pH range of 4.5 to 7.5--- the last roll I bought cost $40. and that was about 5 years ago but its 5 yards long so it last a long time. If you can fine red and blue litmus paper ---I think it's cheaper. I also use it with colds and allergies to determine if the drainage is acidic or alkaline ---- it makes a BIG----BIG difference what remedy you use homeopathically. I used this method to cure my wife's severe allergy---- years ago (1982).

The Hay diet that outlined the acid/alkaline balance foods was developed in 1933 ---so this way of healthy eating is certainly not new. But, the way food is processed these days has changed alot.

That are several good books on the subject: "The pH Miracle:Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health" and "The Acid Alkaline Balance Diet, An Innovative Program for Ridding Your Body of Acidic Waste"

Lactaid helps digest milk sugar so you can intake dairy products. Fresh Citrus fruits are surprisingly alkaline but I don't know about processed orange juice ---it act on my system like it's acidic.

As you probably already know having foul smelling gas as well as stools is just not healthy ---- It is a good indication that your digestive system is not working properly and if not corrected--- will evenually cause problems. You are absorbing toxins and who knows what else??? Colon cancer is second only to that of the lung in deaths caused by cancer!!!

Take care of yourself---Harry

Old 12-08-2002, 08:58 AM   #5
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Bruyn HB User

Thanks very much for all the advice (and warnings) Harry.

I've certainly something to look into.

I live in the Netherland so I don't know if the brands you mentioned are available here but I can check out what is available.

Thanks again.

Old 12-08-2002, 10:21 AM   #6
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Harry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB UserHarry HB User

It always amazes me the lives around the world that this type of forum can touch!!!

I thought it may help to list some of the really acid and alkali foods. The ones that low acid or alkaline are considered almost neutral. This may help you but is by far not a complete list!!!

Almost all drinks from coffee, milk, sodas , tea are all acidic.

Highly Acid forming foods:

>All Meats including seafood, eggs

>flour based products(bread included) pasta, noodles, oatmeal, buckwheat

>Beans, lentils, legumes

>asparagus, brussell sprouts, olives, pepper, plums, prunes, cranberries

>Sugar--- and most foods with sugar added

> Alcohol, Vinegar, mustard, catsup, sauerkraut

Low acid forming foods:

>Canned Fruit, Cheeses, dried fruit, grains like rice, lamb, Ice Cream
nuts and seeds

High Alkaline forming foods:

>Corn, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, dates, raisins, sprouts

> Fresh Fruit

> Fresh Vegetables

> Maple syrup, Honey

Alkaline but low-level:

> some nuts like almonds& chestnuts, brazil nuts, sored dairy products,
lima beans

God Bless---Harry

Old 12-16-2002, 09:54 AM   #7
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AngelaMDarling HB User

Can someone suggest some good healthy, low acidic meals to eat?

I'm lazy and on the run a lot, so I go to subway... is that good? (depends on what I get I know)

I get 6 inch wheat bread with 2 pieces of white american cheese (flavor), fresh avocado spread inside (about one), lettuce, pickles, cucumber, green that good?

What does avocado do in terms of health/digestion? I could eat an avocado sandwich everyday.

Should I totally exclude mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, oil, vinegar? (I do now)

What about canned dole fruit like peaches and pineapple? Pretzels?

Sometimes I indulge and have a soda, what does pepsi do to your gut? I would be willing to never drink it again after I had a stomach upset last night.

Please list some stomach-friendly foods

Old 12-18-2002, 01:56 AM   #8
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anastasie HB User

I started out years ago with these symptons you mention...I ignored the problem...and just recently got really sick...diarea..bad cramps...weight loss...I am now diagnosed with Crohn's.....I can NOT have a high fiber diet....No Wheat....white bread only...No raw vegetables...No raw fruits except ripe bananas....No oatmeal....I can have rice krispies...No sugar....use sugar substitute....No really spicy foods...and I am now on Remacaid Infusions...Asacol...and Imuran....this has stopped the gas...cramps...and diarea....I also got some new information from my husbands cardiologist....that as mentioned above....I am being treated for the symptons...but my real problem is I have no more good bacteria left in my he recommended a supplement called Kyo-Dophilus...I purchased a 2 month supply for 26.00.....I will start taking it after the holidays....So my advice is DON'T...ignore the symptons....start the Dophilus supplement could be saving your self from developing full blown Crohn's.....I wish you well.


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