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shandielee 01-11-2005 06:57 AM

blood after going #2
Hi this happened like 2 years ago to me as well and I did have an upper and lower GI and all was good. I am worried once again. I went to the bathroom and when I wipped their was bright red blood on the paper and when I looked in the toilet I saw some blood. not alot but like it was dripping from my butt. Then when I wipped again it was only a little and then gone. Should i be freaking out? Their was none actually in the stool (yes I looked) just was from my anus or something. I am already a freak when it comes to symptoms of my body so this is really freaking me out...

mlgable 01-11-2005 07:33 AM

Re: blood after going #2
Sounds like you might have a hemorrhoid. Check in the mirror to see if you can see an extermal one. You will need to have this checked out by doc regardless though because of the bleeding. Call your doc and make an appointment to get this checked out. It is most likely just a hemorrhoid but you need to find out for sure what it going on.

shandielee 01-11-2005 07:54 AM

Re: blood after going #2
thank you fo rthe advice. I just called and left a message on the nurses phone as to what happened and she is going to call me back.

MrOwl 01-11-2005 09:59 AM

Re: blood after going #2
You are probably fine. Assuming it is a hemorrhoid you will probably be able to take care it with some cream.

I would strongly suggest that you work on keeping you stools soft as this will help prevent hemorrhoids. You can generally keep them soft by drinking lots of water and having adiquate fiber in you diet.

sunnybunny 01-11-2005 01:10 PM

Re: blood after going #2
Hi-im having problems with my stomache i have an appointment tomorrow at doctors but problems started a while ago. It started in summer with mucus in my stools, i just thought it was bit strange but nothin was hurting me and i wasnt constipated or anything. Basically it was just normal apart from the mucus which i thought was from eating too much fat in my diet??? Anyway it sort of stopped and then in November 2004 i was a my brothers and started to have really bad pains in my stomach and then had to go to toilet,and my wind wud smell like something had died.But i just had a normal Bm with the mucus.i started drinking more water it helped a little.I have a bm every day but never force it.(sorry to be so descriptive).i feel sick quite a lot and have actually been sick on occassions.about a month ago i noticed blood in my stool,it wasnt when i wiped, it was like dark red blood in the folds of my stool and mucus.I was alone in the house at the time but took a foto of it to show my mum and she agreed i had to see a doctor asap.It has happened everytime ive ´been´ it feels like i someone kicking me in the stomache and then ill suddenly need to go, so im not forcing it.i havent got diarrea either.i eat quite well and have excercise daily drink plenty of so worried tho, i live in the Canary islands and my doctor only speaks german and spanish.i speak english and im having spanish lessons but im not good enuff to tell someone about my insides or something so important. So i been looking for an english private doctor and have found one at last. dnt get me wrong there r plenty of english speaking clinics for holidaymakers but they refer you bk to ur i have my appoinment tomorrow morning!at last im so worried tho. sorry its a bit of long post
i just wondered if anyone else had the same as me or if anybody has any thoughts

thanx love sunnybunny

quincy 01-12-2005 02:20 PM

Re: blood after going #2
shandielee, it could also be a fissure. The check in the mirror is good (squat over one placed on the floor)...a fissure will usually be visible.

Fibre and enough fluids to keep the stool soft and fluffy will help. Medications such as Anusol, Proctocetyl or even over the counter hydrocortisone is a good option.

It's still best to get it all checked out because once you have a diagnosis, anxiety about it will be much less.


quincy 01-12-2005 02:24 PM

Re: blood after going #2
sunnybunny, it could be hemorrhoids, but from your symptoms (mucous, nausea, sick feeling, bleeding..etc), it could ulcerative proctitis.

Going to the doctor is your best decision....any rectal bleeding should be checked out.

Let us know how the doctor appointment goes.


sunnybunny 01-13-2005 01:44 PM

Re: blood after going #2
quincy, thanx for replying. I went to doctors yesterday and he examined me and didnt find anything unusual. He then gave me blood tests and i should have the results pretty quickly which is good,he thinks because of the way my bm´s have been i cud be anemic. So next week i have to have the camera but ive forgotten the name of it and have to have some medicine that makes me ´go´ the day b4 the camera. He did mention ulcerative colitus and crohns disease ibs and hemmoroids but he sed he wants to see what the tests say nxt week, apparently they take a little biopsy when they do the camera lets see


sunnybunny 01-20-2005 11:27 AM

Re: blood after going #2
Hya all just a little update, have had my blood test results back and they appeared to be normal, went to see the doctor who will be doing my colonoscopy tomorrow morning. Have had my drink today that makes me go its called Fosfosoda or something.Not a nice day today just want to eat a big pizza i feel so empty!!I had the drink at 9am this morning and have to have it again tonight at 9pm-can anybody tell me if i will be back to normal tomorrow with my bowel movements?do u have to eat lightly after uve had the colonoscopy or can u eat what u want.just wundered coz im that hungry i cud eat loads and didnt know whether it wud go str8 thru me or id be ok.

Also something made me laff my doctor sed my special drink wud make me go to toilet 3 or 4 times hahahahaha yeah right try16times(yes ive been so bored i even counted)

Anyway ive got my appt at 8.30am tomorrow morning not long to wait im a bit nervous tho, my boyfriend is coming with me coz my doc doesnt speak much english...

dnt forget me
love sunnybunny

MrOwl 01-21-2005 02:04 PM

Re: blood after going #2
Well, how did it go?

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