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difficulty passing stool, sexual side effects (internal intussusception?)

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cmiller HB User
difficulty passing stool, sexual side effects (internal intussusception?)

About 8 months ago, I noticed that every time I would go, it felt as though my bowel movements were incomplete. The stool would pass normally for a bit and then suddenly it would stop and I could feel a full/stuck-ness in the upper rectal area, and no matter how hard I strained (though I tried not to) nothing would come out; it felt as if there was some kind of "plug" that stopped any more stool from passing, though I still felt the urge.

I'm quite certain that I was (and am) not constipated because my stools would generally be firm to soft and bowel movements would be pretty regular (every day, every other day). I try to eat high-fiber and laxatives didn't help. Even when I had occasional watery stool/diarrhea, I would only go about half to 3/4 what I normally would and then I would feel the "stuckness" and nothing more would come. It also felt as though the rectal openning was becoming narrower (I even noticed it became more difficult to flatulate). There was no blood in stool and generally not too much pain but a lot of discomfort; it felt as though I was in the middle of an interrupted bowel movement for up to hours afterwards.

This conditioned seemed to gradually worsen, and it was manageable at first but there have been some other rather alarming side effects. Around the time I noticed this problem, I also noticed that I began to loose sexual sensitivity occasionally, especially when it felt that the bowels were severely backed up. I could still function (get erection etc...) it's just that the sensations were reduced, as if I was "numb" down there. This would last for a day to several days and I thought I was just imagining things at first, but this problem slowly got worse as well, and recently I have little to no sensation and it has been going on for at least a week. I'm 23 years old so obviously this is quite bad news. I know that blood flow is essential for sensation and I'm guessing that this blockage is restricting bloodflow to that area.I have also noticed increased difficulty urinating and some pain in the penile area occasionally.

Looking around online, I thought perhaps I have a prolapse of some sort, although I have not found any obvious external protrusions (although the rectum does seem to swell outwards to an extent if I strain).

When I went to see my doctor about it, he just kept insisting that I was constipated and told me to eat more fiber, drink more water, and come back in a month. I asked him to at least check if I have some kind of prolapse so he did a digital rectal exam and said he couldn't feel anything. Just yesterday I read about internal intussusceptions and I plan to make another appointment and insist that I have a more thorough examination to rule out any structural problems (and I'm almost certain it is).

Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!

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cmiller HB User
Re: difficulty passing stool, sexual side effects (internal intussusception?)

it has been over a month and a half since I first saw my doctor about this problem. I have been eating the prescribed high fiber diet, tried suppositories, enemas, took stool, blood and urine tests, even an ultrasound, and nothing seems to be wrong, yet, something dreadfully is. I just spoke with my doctor on the phone today, he said the results of all the tests were normal. I told him that the problem was still persisting and was in fact getting worse. I was having problems urinating and I'm experiencing pain while urinating and ejaculating now. He told me that he could not order any tests unless his tests showed that there was some kind of problem. When I asked to see the gastroenterologist or have a barium x-ray or colonoscopy of some type he said that, "They're not going to do anything for you. You're young and you don't have any problems in the prerequisite tests." Well thanks very much, health care. I still have a severe loss of sexual sensation, and each time I go (stool and urine, less and less comes out, and the feeling of stuck, bloatedness is only increasing. He decided that the next step is to give me some stool softening medicine (prescription strength I guess). I suppose it couldn't hurt to try. I guess I just wish that my problem wasn't so unusual. I am considering just going to see a specialist outside of my care.

Again, I am desperately seeking any help and advice I can get, because obviously the people I'm paying how many thousands of dollars a year aren't doing their job.
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Re: difficulty passing stool, sexual side effects (internal intussusception?)

Hi cmiller,

I have really thought about your problems and several things come to mind.

First you have to make sure you get enough fiber and water daily for your intestines to function properly--- 25 to 35 grams daily and 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

The fiber needs to be a combination of both insoluble and soluble fiber. This is not something you try -- it is a life style change that is necessary every day.

The soluble fiber is a bulking agent --absorbs water/fluids and the insoluble fiber causes the intestines to move things along by causing muscle contractions. This ---most always cleans out your 8 inch long rectum with every BM w/o any unusual straining.
Your BMs should be about the diameter of a quarter and tubular ---every day.

The other thing is I think you need to do is see a Urologist-- for your urination problem. It could be a swollen prostate gland from your symptoms of pain you are having or inflammation of the urinary tract ??

You could be retaining fluid caused by Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia--BPH --- has yet to be diagnosised. But something is not right that use to be OK.
A digital rectal exam is of little use in your situation.

God Bless~~~Harry

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cmiller HB User
Re: difficulty passing stool, sexual side effects (internal intussusception?)

I know the whole fiber/water spiel and I'm sick of people just auto-classifying my problem into something common and easily diagnosed. I eat at least if not more than the recommended 25-35 grams, drink much more than 6-8 glasses of water a day, and I had been doing that before the problem even started. And at any rate, a deficiency in fiber and water would constitute constipation which would entail hard stools: which I do not have. In fact, even when I have diarrhea, the problem persists; I would be completely amazed if you could somehow rationalize diarrhea into a form of constipation. As I've already stated, suppositories and saline solution enemas -- a last resort constipation countermeasure used in emergencies at the hospital -- do not work. I begin having a bowel movement shortly after using either, but again, an amount of stool equal to only about 1/2 or less what I usually go comes out, usually in a thin stream, before the evacuation abruptly halts, at which point I feel the involuntary convulsions in my bowels as if they are trying to expel the stool, but nothing moves, and I can just feel this build up of pressure in the rectal area. I do intend to see a urologist (or at least attempt to) soon. At any rate, thanks for the feedback.

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