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spiro9210 12-26-2006 02:00 AM

Chronic constipation. Backed up stool!
I been having chronic constipation for a year. I usually deal with it by taking lots of flax seed oil and increasing my fiber and water intake. Yesterday, the pain really got bad, and I decided to visit the hospital for the first time. Well they did ultrasound, blood test plus cat scan. All came back negative. I was then told that i have alot of backed stool. What else is new? Well, Atleast I am now sure of my problem. O.k what do I do next? Should I go get a colonoscopy? I need some good advice. Thanks

Harry 12-26-2006 11:49 PM

Re: Chronic constipation. Backed up stool!
The ER did not tell you to take a laxative??

If you get a colonoscopy the cleaning out procedure using Go-lytely will certainly get rid of all your backed up stool.

I just wrote a post in the Information Acrhives Thread today about -- Normal BMs -- it is the Sticky Thread at the top of this page.

I wish you well---Harry

Pregnantnpain 12-27-2006 12:34 PM

Re: Chronic constipation. Backed up stool!
Try a spoon full of olive oil before you go to bed. Wheat grass helped me alot. Wheat germ oil capsules help alot too

lodgen 12-27-2006 04:58 PM

Re: Chronic constipation. Backed up stool!
i used fleet soda just one third of bottle ,it will make you go in 20 minutes
you will be cleanened out, i then started miralax and it just adds water
to your stool and is safe to use untill you become regular

ellehcar 01-06-2007 12:15 PM

Re: Chronic constipation. Backed up stool!
I have recently started taking Green tea capsules (in a blister pack from Wal-Mart) for weight loss. Unfortunately no help there, but I have gone from very irregular bowel movements - as in once a week or longer even - to more than once daily. It has been a miracle help to me and I feel great. I will never stop taking it. It is definatley worth a try. :jester:

tigerlilyx61 01-07-2007 05:19 PM

Re: Chronic constipation. Backed up stool!
I dealt with chronic constipation for 20 years and finally said "This is enough!". Went and had colonoscopy in 2001. Because they couldn't really find anything and because of my symptoms I was diagnosed with IBS with predominant constipation. They put me on zelnorm and it has worked very well for me. Good luck!

ricenbeanz 01-14-2007 11:13 AM

Re: Chronic constipation. Backed up stool!
Hi. I had chronic constipation all my life, painful bm's, etc. After having my first colonoscopy at age 43 (my grandmother died of colon cancer so I got screened a little early) my doctor told me that my intestines were tortioned, twisted, which is why I was constipated. He prescribed something called Miralax powder which I have taken now every morning for the past 6 years. So I would go ahead with the colonoscopy and see what they say. Good luck.

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