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Catherine83 02-01-2007 12:41 PM

Does this sound like Hemorrhoids??
I'm 23 and have been struggling with constipation for about 1 year now. It has started to straighten itself out with fiber and lots of water but now I think I might have Hemorrhoids. About a week ago I went the bathroom and had a few very small dots of bright blood on the TP. It was very little and I assumed it was because I strained a little. It went away and I haven't seen any since. However, throughout the day I have felt like there was something back there almost like something very very small trying to come out. It really isn't a pain but I can feel it there. BUT I'll go check immediatly after getting this feeling and there is nothing at all. I've looked with a mirror and I've felt also. Also, I have felt slightly itchy around the opening (just every now and then). I shower constantly and I'm very clean so I cant think of anything else that it could be. I see and feel nothing but could it be a hemorrhoid and if they go away or is this something I'm going to have to deal with??? :confused: Thanks so much - Catherine

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