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Pilonidal Cyst

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Old 02-12-2007, 05:26 PM   #1
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Teeftof HB User
Pilonidal Cyst


After having this problem with my 'lower end' for a while, i finally went to the doctor to find out what this mysterious lump was which bled everytime i went to the toilet. He's informed me it's a cyst (Pilonidal i think).

The doc gave me some antibiotics, dry powder spray and some permitabs which i have to use for 30 minutes every day by soaking a gauze in and applying it to the area and lying on my stomach. The idea is using these meds it will dry the cyst up and it will die out.

Question is: After researching this on the net, it seems that the way to treat it is by removing the hair and having the cyst removed somehow instead of 'drying' it up as the Doc has suggested... Anyone had one of these in the past? Any advice is appreciated.

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Old 02-26-2007, 09:20 PM   #2
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no/oneatall HB User
Re: Pilonidal Cyst

I have had a cyst for awhile now. It recently poped and drained for a month before i was able to go into the doctor. It was confirmed that I had a pilonidal cyst and it goes all the way down to my tailbone itself. I am scheduled for surgery this summer and will be having it removed. When I went to several different appointments regarding it I was told by a specialist that you can either live with the cyst or you can have it removed. The best advice they gave me was to wipe down away from the cyst itself. Though wipeing away from the cyst towards your front would be problamatic for woman that get these. I had also been on a few rounds of antibiotics but about a week after the bills were used up the infection came right back and drainage occured. Hopefully the cyst will fully be cut out and removed during my sugery as the specialist said that there is a chance the cyst could come back if not fully removed.

best of luck to you. Just try to keep things clean back there as much as possible and if you can live with it do so, but personally I want it removed. I get drainage a lot and it's very embarassing.

Old 02-27-2007, 05:20 PM   #3
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Jenny1207 HB User
Re: Pilonidal Cyst

i developed one of those shortly after giving birth. they are no fun. it wasn't fully developed but it hurt like hell. i was already seeing a proctologist/surgeon for fissures, when i decided to visit him to check out the lump on my tailbone. i assumed it was a cyst since i had researched it on the net. he agreed and drained it right there in the office... that was excrutiating pain i must say. and caring for it was a pain. but all is well now. i think i developed it from the baby putting much stress on my tailbone during delivery. i wish to never get one of those ever again. the end.

i wish you luck!

Old 04-26-2007, 08:53 PM   #4
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mochoa05 HB User
Re: Pilonidal Cyst

hey i ran into a post that u had a long time ago about a cut in between your butt cheeks? I seem to have the exact same thing and am wondering if u ever found out what you had and how you fixed it.



Old 04-29-2007, 05:07 PM   #5
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Sustasha HB User
Re: Pilonidal Cyst

Husband has had one for 30 yrs. The doctor wouldn't even touch it. It doesn't bother him at all; thankfully, it's above the belt line. I drained it once 19 years ago with a razor blade but it just came back. It makes a bump you can see on his shirt !! I think his hot tub has worked wonders for him in many ways.

Old 04-29-2007, 09:08 PM   #6
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stonehenge HB User
Re: Pilonidal Cyst

I had a pilonidal cyst a couple years ago. It hadn't popped, but once my doctor diagnosed it she was quick to have me reffered to a surgeon. Apparently I had had it for a long time and it had never surfaced until it somehow for irritated. Anyway, the pain was unbearable and I was given the option to either have it cut out in the surgeon's office with local anastegia or at the hospital which would totally knock me out. I picked the hospital. I left the hospital the same day of the surgery. There is another option as well, i could choose whether I wanted an open wound that would be packed with gauze and cleaned and changed twice a day by a nurse OR I could be sewn up. The best option I was told was that if i really didnt want it to come back(which i didnt and still dont) that the best chance of it not coming back would come from the open wound. What they don't tell you is that it would be excrusiating pain everytime the guaze was taken out and when it was cleaned by being scraped with q tips. I was on heavy pain killers but still screamed to the top of my lungs with pain twice a day. It was like being totured. Oh my gosh. I woudln't wish that pain on anyone, but so far i haven't had any reoccurrances. If its pilonidal I cant imagine why your doctor would not immediately give you all your options.
Another option is having it lanced and just drained all the time. But the best way I've been told is to go do the surgery and after the wound or stitches(whichever u choose) heal up, you are back to normal. Good luck.

Old 05-09-2007, 09:06 PM   #7
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Tannycita HB User
Re: Pilonidal Cyst

My son has a Pilondial cyst and it's about 10 months now that we know of it. The cyst does not bother him when he sits, and there is no pain or soreness, but it was draining a lot! That's how I realised something wasn't right because during the laundry I kept seeing blood and yellow mucus on his underwear. It was horrific to look at. We went to the doctor who sent us to a surgeon. Surgery was all set up but my son was going for his blue belt in Taekwondo and he didn't want to miss that. Long story short, the cyst has completely dried up (on the outside at least), and the area is no longer hard to the touch. Will it come back?

Old 05-11-2007, 11:00 PM   #8
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stonehenge HB User
Re: Pilonidal Cyst

some people have reoccurances, some people dont. Just tell him to practice extra extra good hygene, listen to whatver the doc reccomends, and make sure he tells you if there is a reoccurance. If it happens again, should go to the doctor again.

Old 05-13-2007, 11:05 AM   #9
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mzahn HB Usermzahn HB User
Re: Pilonidal Cyst

I just had closed wound surgery last Nov. for this. I had them for about 3 years and went to different a number of times because of the pain. Each time I got one it was worse. The last 2 times they burst on their own. Major relief. The doctors first kept telling me I had hemhroids(spelling?) Then one doctor thought I had a anal fistula. I even had a colonoscopy. Finally I went to a surgeon ( who must have stayed awake in college) and said right away that it was a Pilonidal Cyst. The best bet of getting rid of them for good is surgery. I guess over time they can create sinus tracts. I guess I had one. From what I have researched there are 2 ways of doing the surgery, open or closed wound. Leaving the wound open allows the wound to heal from the inside up. The up side is that it the least reaccurance rate and less chance of infection. The down side is you have to pack the wound atleast once a day and I guess that can be very painful and it takes longer to get back on your feet. I had closed (stitches). Supposedly there is a better chance of the cyst coming back and of getting an infection. Mine opened up a little right after the stitches were taken out and first there was a lot of blood and then it drained for quite a while. A yellowish liquid I think they called serenoma or something like that. Now my bottom still feels like a sometimes bad bruise and I have the feeling like it is draining. Does anyone know if liquid is maybe trapped inside yet and moving around? All of this is still better than getting another infected reaccurance like I used to get. You could sit, sleep, walk, or pretty much anything without being in extreme pain. If any of you out there has had one when it was real bad you know what I am talking about. My suggestion is go to a good surgeon and get their opinion. Good luck.

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