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Dang12 02-23-2007 03:51 AM

Worried- Blood When Wiping
For the past month I have noticed blood when I wipe. Not a large amount but not a small amount either. After I wipe, all the blood is gone and my stool is not bloody at all.

I am worried because of hemmroids. However, I think I am bleeding because of the fact that my stool is too large for me to pass. As a result, it hurts pretty bad when I go to the bathroom. Since the blood always results after this, I am assuming that my enlarged stool is irritating my skin and cutting it which produces the blood. I think its my stool because on the occasion when I dont have large stool, I dont have any blood.

Now I know nothing about hemmoroids, I am not sure if its a normal thing for a 21 year old. I am also not constipated- I go immediately when my body signals start. So its not like I am causing my stool to build up and make it too large to pass.

I really think its just my enlarged stool causing this. I have no other pains at all, only when going to the bathroom. I also probably do a little too good of a job wiping and cause irritation down there. Before this enlarged stool problem occurred, I had a little blood occasionally because of this- I would wipe too much.

Now if it is just my stool, what can I do to make it pass better? Can I take any pills for this? Im assuming my diet has something to do with it. I dont have the best diet but its not bad either. Arent Bananas good for this? I would rather eat something that doesnt go bad though.


LisaFaith 02-23-2007 01:30 PM

Re: Worried- Blood When Wiping
It sounds like you have an anal fissure. It is basically a tear. You can put some A&D Ointment on the area. Try drinking more water, and eating more veggies also.

Dang12 02-23-2007 02:49 PM

Re: Worried- Blood When Wiping
Yea I think my enlarged stool just tears it a little. Its not a big deal I guess because once I wipe all the blood away, it doesnt continue to bleed.

I already drink alot of water, I will try to eat more veggies. Anything else?


Dang12 02-24-2007 12:57 AM

Re: Worried- Blood When Wiping
Now I am a little worried. I just went to the bathroom and there was a little more pain then usual. However, what started to get me worried was the fact that there was alot more blood this time, at least twice as much.

However, as before, once I wipe all the blood, it doesnt continue to bleed.

Any Ideas?

larsh74 02-25-2007 03:23 PM

Re: Worried- Blood When Wiping
When I had a similar problem it turned out to be hemorrhoids. I did not experience much pain, just blood on the toilet paper. Bleeding is not normal and should be checked by a doctor. It is probably nothing serious but it is better to be safe.

CoyoteBound 02-26-2007 01:10 PM

Re: Worried- Blood When Wiping

I would go to the Doctor just to be on the safe side, then you won't have to sit and worry about this everyday. Good luck!


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