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camog29 08-28-2007 12:33 PM

5 year challenge - need guidance
I am a twenty five year old, otherwise healthy man. I have issues with anxiety, which I believe spill over to my bowel movements, but would like some other opinions. Starting about five years ago, I noticed that my bowel movement had flattened. Along with this change I noted lower abdominal discomfort. I noted the change and went on my way figuring if it continued for the suggested two weeks I would see a doctor. Well, before the two weeks was up, my stools and ab pain went back to normal. Too make a long story short, this happens about two times a year for the past five years. I have noticed that the change occurs in times where my stress level picks up, and Ive also noticed that the change lasts as long as I continue to stress about it. After the most recent attack, I was suggested to use psyllium fiber, which immediately put everyting back to normal.

After reading some posts, I thought I could use some help. Could this be an obstruction in the colon if the stools go from flat back to normal, and since they are normal most of the time. How about the psyllium fiber, can this mask a problem? Also, why does the attack come with the abdominal discomfort? And why does the ab pain also just go away once the anxiety goes away? Could anxiety be a factor in the casue of all this, or on my next attack should I seek a doctor.

If you have any answers or advice, I would appreciate it. If you need more information, just let me know.

Thank you.

Harry 08-30-2007 10:47 PM

Re: 5 year challenge - need guidance

Flat stools are usually caused by not intaking enough soluble fiber in your diet.
Psyllium seed husk is a water soluble fiber and a bulking agent that not only will bulk up your stool making it more tubulalar shaped and also makes you more regular. It's a natrual and safe fiber that I have taken twice daily for the last 23 years--- It works for me!!

I wrote a post on the "Information Archive" thread at the top of the page about Normal BMs -- post # 10 on page 2. It's about the differences in fiber--- You may want to read it.

I wish you well---Harry

NY 1009 09-01-2007 06:56 AM

Re: 5 year challenge - need guidance
Hi camog,
I was JUST reading yesterday in a medical book about bowel problems and the pain constipation can cause which can mimick kidney stones and even gall stones or appendicitis.
I was just told my pain is being caused by having a spastic colon which is IBS. with IBS you can have either constipation or diahrea, or bouts of both.

I just started having constipation problems with a very distended abdomen which makes my belly look like I'm 4 months pregnant. it just started suddenly for me and is only getting worst by the days.
I had NO IDEA that constipation or a bowel full of feces can cause such horrible pain all thru out the abdomen. I have more pain in the lower right side where the appendix sits. It even shoots to the back.
I was told by my gyno that constipation or bowels full of stool can even cause hydronephrois of the kidney and hydrouter because it can block these organs. I had a diagnosis of this back in december when I was admitted to the ER with lower right pain, thinking it was appendicitis.
where does your pain originate from?
when I finally get my movments back to normal and then one day have constipation again, it sets off the cycle of constipation for days again.
this back and forth of being normal to constipated is driving me crazy trying to figure out what foods I ate to cause the constipation.

I'm just finding out that foods like bananas, grape juices, apples or apple juice, chocolate and raisins can start the problem.
those particular foods are exactly what I've been eating. so little by little the puzzle is beginning to form for me.

with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) they say that stress can activate the bowel problem. causing pain right after eating or when the person is under stress. these people tend to feel more pain and have more sensitivity to stimuli. people with this condition need to see their dr more frequently with 3 month follow up visits.
I feel like my intestines have been punched, which makes them feel bruised.
I can't imagine having to live with this problem for ever. I find it bothersome and just the idea of the old stool sitting in there for so long can cause toxins to form in our body. my gastro dr told me yesterday to take the over the counter pills" senekot" plus to take miralax which softens the stools and metamucil I guess to add fiber?
he wants to see me in seven days to see if there's any improvement.
I hope to GOD this solves my problem and get my stomach back down flat like it used to before this all started to happen.

do a search on IBS and see if your symtoms match up with it.

I just thought I'd jump in and share my story, plus also learn from others too.
good luck with everything.


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