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meliny 09-20-2007 07:44 AM

What constitutes Change in Bowel Habits?
Hi Everyone,

Hoping you could help. About two weeks ago I was sick with a common cold. No medication needed, just got over it after a few days. Around the same time I experienced looser stools - not exactly diarrhea, but the stool comes out very easily and breaks apart very quickly in the toilet bowl (almost like it flakes apart).

I have not experienced increased frequency or urgency; just a loosely-formed stool every morning now for 2 weeks. I have not otherwise changed my diet. Before this, my stools were usually soft, in pieces, but formed.

I should also mention that for the first week, I felt abdominal cramping throughout the day, but again, only 1-2 bowel movements in the morning, as usual. The cramping has since subsided.

I visited my doctor yesterday who suggested I go for a barium enema, to check out what's going on. Frankly, I'm terrified.

Does this change in bowel habits constitute further investigation? My doctor tends to be a little "let's check it out just in case", and I'm unsure if I really need to go through the procedure. My father has ulcerative colitis, so I'm sure she's just being cautious.

Any thoughts?

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