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ganma7 10-03-2007 04:22 AM

Any one Else? Diverticulitis after colon resection...Second colon resection possibly
Hi, I am so glad to have found this board. This may get a little lengthy. I had a colon resection after several severe bouts of diverticulitis in 1990. I have had several bouts over the years since then, but only one that landed me in the hospital three years ago. While I was there, they discovered a cyst that has been monitored since then by my gynocologist. I just had a nother bout of diverticulitis and did the awful antibotics, I was still having alot of pain in my low left side, so dr. did two different sonograms, to check on the cyst. It had more than doubled in size and is causing alot of pressure on my bladder and rectum. The results from the sonograms calls it a septated cystic mass and that it needs to come out, but since I had a complete hysterectomy many years ago, the gynocologist doesn't think it is his "area". I saw the colorectal surgeon a couple of weeks ago. He is not sure it is his "area" either but has scheduled me for a colonoscopy in 3 weeks. He said I shouldn't be having diverticulitis at all and has concerns that my first surgery, by another dr., wasn't done properly or completely. If I were to have a really bad bout of diverticulitis and a rupture, having already had a colon resection, that I would end up with a colostomy. I am having the colonoscopy the 24th and am scheduled for surgery , if needed, the 25th. Hopefully, he can address this mass during surgery. If not they will do the needle guided thing to drain it.
Has anyone out there delt with a second colon resection? Thanks in advance for your support.

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