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dargentati 10-06-2007 12:10 PM

HELP!! Insight needed...
HELP!!!! Insight needed....


My wife had a colon resection on Sept. 21. It was done laperscoptly and she was home in three days. All biopsy's came back pre-cancerous.

The Dr's. said there was very little bleeding during the surgery and she is doing remarkably well. The issue for her is she has frequent bowel momments and they are bloody.

Dr.s say the frequent BM's are normal. Are they? Is the bleading normal? Her resection was very low in the colon close to the rectum.

Any insight is appreciated. thanks.

maggiemoo 10-06-2007 03:35 PM

Re: HELP!! Insight needed...
Frequent BM's are very normal. It seemed like every time I ate anything--even a cracker--I was in the bathroom having a BM. I did not have any blood with my BM's. My resection was also close to the rectum.

What does your doctor say about the blood? If you haven't asked, give him/her a call--that is what they're there for.


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