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ScamperFletcher 10-21-2007 09:40 AM

External Hemmerhoid, Fissure, - questions
I apologize if this is graphic, but I really need some help!

6 months ago I developed a thrombosed external hemmerhoid. It drained on its own within days (blood & puss).

Went to my gyno - she gave me some cream & a CRS name if I had further problems.

Pain was very bad, so eventually I went to CRS. Said I had a fissure & skin tag. Said didn't want to do surgery due to my age, etc. Gave me cream, recommended sitz, etc.

Saw him again few weeks later, said it had healed a bit, but was still there. I've continued treatment......

Now, pain is not as terrible. I can have a tolerable BM, it's not excruciating. A few dots of pink/diluted blood are usually on the paper when I am done.

Afterward, thats when it burns, itches, and is moderately painful. There is a fleshy/pink bump near the opening, which blows up after a BM. Then, over the course of the day/night, it appears that this bump is draining a brownish, very foul smelling liquid. I mean - it smells terrible!! I am a very clean person - an hour after a shower, the odor/drainage is back.

I believe this bump is exactly where the thrombosed hemmorhoid was. Sorry, just not sure. I kind of avoid inspecting it very closely because, well - I have a weak stomach.

I'm going to make an appt to return to the CRS - but know I'll have to wait a while to get in.

Just trying to figure out if that thing is the hemmerhoid, the skin tag, or is it a cyst or ???? Might I have some kind of infection - this odor & drainage is awful. I did find a post here where someone mentioned a "protein rich liquid" that the body secretes in order to heal the fissures - but this is really offensive.

Thanks for reading this & I appreciate any help you can give me.


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