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  • the mystery of my bowels.

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    mikebobjohn HB User
    the mystery of my bowels.

    I feel like I can never fully eliminate the stool frm my bowels, and no doctor knows why.

    Simply put, are there any drugs or herbs that will help me eliminate all the stool from my colon?

    And, if you're the type to that likes mysteries, here are a lot of my symptoms, and everything ive tried, and everything i've noticed. i challenge you to do what no other doctor has been able to do (and ive seen like 30 over the past two years). Tell me what could be wrong with me based on the following information. and if you can't, at least answer some or all of my many questions, whch might help me eventually find out what's wrong.

    Thank you SO much. My life is wasting away. I need someone to show me that miracles are possible. Here it is - everything.

    Two years ago, I tried to have a bowl movement, and although some stool did come out, for some reason it felt like some stool was still stuck in my colon. Ever since that fateful night, every time I have a bowl movement, I feel as I cannot fully eliminate my bowels. no longer how long i sit there, how hard i push, i cannot eliminate the stool from my bowels (colon, most likely). Ever since then, it's hard for me to tell when I have to have a bowell movement, and when I do, I never feel like I'm finished, or refreshed.
    No doctor has been able to figure out my problem.

    I want to keep this brief. So, facts:

    - Before this digestive problem happened, I was only sleeping 3-4 hours a night, for about a month straight.

    - Before my problem started, I was under a LOT LOT LOT of anxiety and stress for year after year after year leading up to this bowel problem.

    - I am allergic to gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs, the universe, etc etc etc, but I stopped eating EVERYTHING i was allergic to (very dilligently) for like 6 months, and that didn't help at all, except I did feel *slightly* better after going off of gluten (which i did a month before going off of everything else), though the problem of not being to eliminate the stool from my bowels (or the illusion of stool stuck in my bowels), remained.

    - While urinating, i feel more relaxed, and rectal area feels better.

    - When i take a bath, my rectal area feels better, and i feel more relaxed.

    - i am chronically fatiqued and depressed

    - The discomfort and pain caused by the feeling of having something stuck in my bowels makes it so i never feel relaxed, unless I am taking methadone or klonopin (which i just started recently).

    - I was diagnosed with lyme disease and bartonella, but am being treated for bartonella with sepra and revampin (spelling), and im almost done with the month + trial, and i feel worse than when i originally went on it.

    - most docs dont think bartonella could cause my problems

    - when i dont sleep all night, or i dont sleep very much, my lower gut / rectal area feels worse, and my perpetually runny nose gets even worse.

    - when i get out to exercise and start running around, the constant sensation of feeling like i have to have a bowel movement almost goes away enntirely, though i can still notice it a little bit.

    - this bowel/digestive problem originally started about a week after i baseball season ended. i was in high school, and i played three sports, all year round, and we ran and exercised a lot. then basbeball stopped; i didnt exercise for a week, and this problem started on that forementioned night when i tried to have a bowel movement. I have tried exercising daily for weeks, or a month even, but the problem does not go away.

    - my bowels and mood both feel significanly better (though the feeling of never being able to completely evacuate my bowels remains) when i take klonopin (which is in the benzo drug class; it's like valium, or any of those others).

    - the feeling of never knowing when i will have to have a bowel movement, and always sort of feeling like i have to go, prevents me from participating in any outdoor activities, or from having any type of social life. i lie on the couch and watch television all day long, and i have been doing so for the last four months, since the pain and discomfort has increased.

    -the first time i took klonopin was because i have fear of flying, and i had to fly to europe. i took about 12mg over the course of 10 hours, and i fellt great; i didnt even notice my bowels; i fell asleep right as the plane was taking off. when i woke up on the plane, i still didnt even notice my bowels, and when i had to have a bowel movement on the plane, i didnt even care. this feeling lasted another day, but the feeling of always feeling like i have to have a bowel movement came back to me the next day. i was still in better spirits that normal, but the sensation had returned to my bowels. about five days after that, my bowels started getting even worse than they had before.

    -before i ever took klonopin, i could usually eat, have a bowel movement about an hour later, and - although it didnt feel like id completely eliminated my bowels - i could still go out and do activities because i knew i wouldnt have to have another bowel movement until i ate again. so, i would go out and just not eat, and id be fine to do stuff. about a week after taking that huge dose of klonopin, i would eat a meal, have a bowel movement, but i would feel worse after taking the bowel movement than i usuallly felt (preklonopin) after taking a bowel movement. instead of having to eat again before having another bowel movement, i would have to have another bowel movement three hours later, despite not eating anything, and then another one three hours later, despite not having eaten anything more. all this time, it felt like there was a warm, boiling type feelingbelow my belly button, and since that say, whenever i feel that wya, if i push hard down on my belly button or abdomen, it feels really sorry, and if i push my hands back and forth over my stomach, roughly, like kneading dough almost, i can like liquid moving around in my intestins, and grumbling, et cetera.

    - now that i dont have the freedom of eating, having a bowel movement, and not having to worry about having another one until i eat again, i can barely leave my house at all because when i do have bowel movements, they ussually take about 30 minutes (mostly because i never know when im done having a bowel movement, because it always feels like i have to go more, so even if nothing more seems to be coming out after 10 minutes, i still have to push for another 10-15 to make certain that nothing more is coming out, and then wipe). no one wants to have a 30 minute bowel movement in public. i cant go on a date if theres a possibility of that happening. i cant join a sports team. etc etc.

    - I am scheduled to see a motility specialist, have a urinary test where they stick cameras and tubes up the whole in me p***** while im conscious. im getting a spect scan for my brain because...

    - i suffer from a lot of depression and anxiety, and they wwant to know what kind of anti-depressants would be best for me

    -im having a cat scan of my spinal cord to see if i have a tethored cord

    -I got tested for the viruses that cause chronic fatique

    -i went to a pelvic floor physical therapist who says my pelvic floor muscles are slightly tighter than normal, though not significantly.

    - I will probably try SOMA in the near future to see if muscle relexants help my bowels work better


    My questions:

    ******What else should I be trying?******

    ******What do you think I have?*******

    ******What other tests should I be doing?*******

    ******If my problem is all caused by stress, what drug or herb would completely relieve me of stress for a long enough period of time for my bowels to go back to normal?*******

    ******If my problem isn't caused my stress, what is it caused by?*****

    ******If no one can figure out the cause of my problem, are there at least any drugs that will help me eliminate my colon when I have a bowel movement? Every time I go to the bathrom I know, 100% positive, that, even though I push as hard as I can, there is fecal matter still in my colon, that will not come out******

    ******Are there any drugs or herbs, other than opiates, and benzos (like klonopin, valium, etc), that will help me with either pain, euphoria, or insomnia?***** (besides 250mg ambien, which doesnt work for me because im in too much physical pain for somethng that weak to put me to sleep most of the time)

    ******Although Im certain the problem is that stool is getitng stuck in my colon, could it be possible that it's getting stuck in my upper intenstine, and not my colon? Even though it wont come out, and sometimes when I push really hard, just a little drop of stool will drip out of my anus, could it be that that the stool is trapped in the small instestine? Or maybe the sphincter (spelling...? i mean whatever seperates the small and large intestine) isn't working properly? maybe it's not letting the stool through like it should? Because when i am having a bowl movement, I can feel some stool stuck somewhere in my intenstines, and I will push, and push, and push, and no matter how hard I push, nothing will come out. Then, all of a sudden, I will something kind of let go in my intestines, and then a bunch of stool will come out really easily, but then it will hold up, and ill push hard, but nothing will come. and then something just lets go, and it all comes out, very easily. Could it be that the whole that connects the small and large intenstins isn't opening and closing like it should be? And why would that happen? And what drug would help it function normally?*****



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    mikebobjohn HB User
    Re: the mystery of my bowels. $25,000 reward for anyone who can diagnose and cure me

    yeah ive tried everything you've mentioned except acupuncture, chinese medicine, and those cds. can you give me hte names of the best cds that help?
    im sorry you're going through so much too
    it really is awful. anyway, good luck to us both.
    i am seeing a hypnotherapist by the way...

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    Andyandyan HB User
    Re: the mystery of my bowels. $25,000 reward for anyone who can diagnose and cure me

    If you are in so. Cal., I can recogment a Chinese doctor for you. Have you try diet with more fruit and vegetable? Try Ginseng tea every morning but don't take it in the evening or at night because you want sleep. Good luck to you.

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    HandM HB User
    Re: the mystery of my bowels.

    Sounds to me like internal hemmoroids, I too feel like I am not completely empty. I have found that the internals (when they are engorged) feel like more needs to come out. I have trained myself to notice this and just get off the toilet and not keep sitting there pushing, and yes I still feel like there is more but I know there is not. It takes mental training and knowing that it is the internals, after a while the feeling goes away, unless I sit there and keep pushing, in which case the internals fill up and presto it feels like I am full again. So the bottom line is don't push it will only make you feel the way you do

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