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jyw1966 01-31-2008 10:16 PM

Rectal Fissure and Fistula HELP!!!!!!
Hello, I am new to the HealthBoards but look forward to communicating with everyone. I had Microdiscectomy surgery Jan 07 for a ruptured disc and within a week of the surgery developed a high fever and felt alot of pressure in my rectum. I thought I had an infection related to the back surgery and notified my surgeon. I started on Levaquin and after about 4-5 days the fever went away but the pain in my rectal area continued. Soon I developed a knot on the side of my rectum and had to see a surgeon who diagnosed me with an abscess. After going in twice for the abscess to be drained I got some relief but it did not go away. I went to see a Colorectal Surgeon and he thought it was just an abscess and we continued antibiotics, sitz baths, cortisone cream etc. I went back for my followup and insisted that there was still a problem. He scheduled an exam under anesthesia and drained the abscess again and packed it. I had this procedure twice and all the time I could still feel a pain that would not go away after the surgery. Thank goodness the surgeon was out of town and I had to see his partner, he said I had a fistula that had formed from the abscess.

I have been suffering with this for over a year now and have had 4 procedures......still not well.......I had a Ceton placed in the summer last year and this was suppose to keep the fistula from getting infected and maybe allow it to heal. It only caused irritation, although I only had to have antibiotics twice in 5 months to keep the abscess from coming back. Finally the Ceton came out which was a blessing because it caused such irritation I could hardly stand it.

The Ceton caused an anal fissure to form so now I have 2 problems. I have tried all the usual prescribed creams, etc and nothing is working. I saw the surgeon last week and he now wants me do another surgery to put a collogen plug in the fistula and Botox injections in the fissure. I have read so much about the problems with fissures and fistulas that I am feeling very anxious and not sure what to do.

If all this is not enough, I have this leakage after each bowel movement and I wipe constantly even after an hour of going to the bathroom I still have this brown stuff on the tissue. This also causes me to feel irritated . Please help, sorry this is lenghtly but I wanted to tell the full story. Thanks, Janet

squirrly 02-01-2008 07:03 AM

Re: Rectal Fissure and Fistula HELP!!!!!!
Janet, I understand about the fistula. I hope you are going to an experienced colorectal surgeon. They are the only ones who can deal with fistulas. Our son has been dealing with one since the abscess in Aug. Finally found the surgeon 2 hours from home. A Seton was placed, good drainage, to be in another 2 weeks. Then type of surgery will be discussed. ?Flap procedure planned. After 2 previous drainages and packings, no results. Will try to keep you informed.

nomadi 09-02-2008 09:55 PM

Re: Rectal Fissure and Fistula HELP!!!!!!
Trust me, no way around it, surgery. The plug didn't work 4 me at all. Scam.

britn 09-02-2008 11:12 PM

Re: Rectal Fissure and Fistula HELP!!!!!!
Years ago I had developed a terrible problem after a very tarry and "Sticky" stool. It hurt immediately(extremely so_ from the start. The next day I developed powerful, projectile diahrea, I was having a movement every 1/2 hour or sp and then I developed what was eventually discovered a spastic colon which was sheer agony. I finally went to the VA er and they did xrays and started to say it was my gaul bladdder; Then the dr. gabe me the full "glove treatment" and found a fissure that was about 4" lonh! He cave me pain meds. keflex and an alanalesic cream)lidocain) After about 4 months the spasms finally quit and Ive only had an occasional relapse but mucl less painful.

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