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monkey5 02-06-2008 07:02 PM

Bowel issue
Hey there, have posted before stilllooking for support? I have had problems with constipation,tried Miralax and got very minor relief and the last one i had had white specs in it and have had past mucus, minor blood and had upper and lower and everything checked out fine per say and have had an ultrasound and hidiscan. It didn't look like worms from what i saw and i have a very spasms stomach i think. No matter what it will not go away, Any advice?
Love, Monkey

Harry 02-07-2008 12:07 AM

Re: Bowel issue

Miralax is an osmotic type laxative that draws fluid to the colon which softens the stool so it passes easier. Other osmotic laxatives are Milk of Magnesia, Citrate of Magnesia, Epson salts. and others. If you take these in higher does they will clean your colon out and affect your electrolytes. This type of laxative is what is given before a colonoscopy-- they also are habit forming so be careful.
I am a big believe in using a water soluble fiber supplement to normalize your BMs along with other dietery insoluble fiber.
There is a post I wrote about Normal BMs in the Information Archives at the top of this page-- Page 2 post# 8 -- it may help.

Spasms as well as cramps are usually caused by a lack of magnesium in your diet.
Every cell in your body is suppose to have magesium but some experts believe it is lacking in about 80% of the people. About 67% of the mag. in your body is in your bones. Yet magnesium is present in lots of foods. Many Doctors don't think it's a problem-- so they rearly test for it unless you have heart problems then they are extremly interested in your magnesium levels!

The Recommended Daily Allowance of magnesium is 400mgm. Minerals are best absorbed if taken in divided supplement doses 3 times daily. I like and use chelate minerals best by Albion Lab. -- that are sold to manufactures for distribution.

You can ask your doctor to have a blood screen test for magnesium done -- the better test is a procedure called an intracellular (mononuclear cell) magnesium screen. This is more sensitive than the normal serum magnesium screen and detects a deficiency more accurately. I have read that lacking magnesium makes every condition in your body worse.
So, I think taking a magnesium screen test should be done routinely particularly as you get older.

A good fast way to try to see if your problem is magnesium related is take a homeopathic remedy -- Magnesia Phos 6X -- that can be bought at most healthfood stores. Spasms usually relieved in 35 minutes or so. The remedy can be repeated if needed but will not solve the need for a magnesium supplement because homeopathic remedies use such small doses under the tongue.

I wish you well---Harry

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