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Sillyme03 03-28-2008 11:54 AM

Chronic Upper Stomach area pain
My 15 Year old daughter has been diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus recently, although the symtoms below should not be a part of this per dr's.

She has had constant stomach pain for abour 6 weeks. She says she alwasy feels full just under her chest area only in the middle.

She tried nexium twice a day, and it helped a little, but she was getting dizzy, so for the moment she is back to Prilosec, and now we are on aciphex recently, which does not seem to help as much so far. She does not feel heartburn symptoms, just pain in middle.

It is mostly in the middle below her chest area.

She has had a CT scan of the area ( all normal), xray, endoscopy and Colonoscopy(normal). So far just the endoscopy biopsy showed barretts, but according to the gastro we see, this is not a common symptom of daily pain with barrett's. It is keeping her from school.

Anyone else had or heard of this every day type pain that she says does not matter what she eats or does, it just hurts.

Any help would be appreciated. We are going to a well regarded pediatric gastro ( the one we go to is ok) on April 29th for a second opinion.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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