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wednesday76 04-18-2008 10:16 AM

passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
Hi everyone,

I have been having a problem. I haven't been feeling well for the past few months, and at first I thought it was just IBS..I was going like 4-7 times a day.

Now, I go in the morning, and then continue to feel the urge to go throughout the day...sometimes I just pass mucus, sometimes a tiny piece with it...

the alarming thing now is that I am passing a small amount of mucus that has stool mixed in it!!! This is happening every day now.

I also have the chills and feel terrible all the time.

I couldn't find anything online about this. I called the gastro and he won'tbe in til monday.

Please, does anyone know why this would happen?

Thank you so much. I am so worried something is wrong and that the reason I am feeling so sick has something to do with this.

meljo 04-18-2008 01:03 PM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!

your not the only one out there... Im on movement number 10 and its only 3pm...

I have same syptoms and Im going to gastro dr monday.. but Ive seen my reg dr. and he did a bunch of test and my stool and urine are completely perfect.. so now Im worried...

I'v also been sick for about 5 weeks now... so I will write more after my appt monday... good luck to you... meljo

wednesday76 04-18-2008 02:26 PM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
Hi Meljo,

Thank you for posting...I hope you are feeling better soon as well!

I have been sick since the end of January. (many symptoms)...A nurse practitioner tried to tell me it was epstein barr (mono) but it's not. The test indicates it's an old infection.

The bowel issues have been there basically the whole time...the going has lessened but still feel need to go all the time and keep passing just a little bit, or this weird mucus.

Hope you find out your answer soon. I have been to the gastro, but didn't have this weird mucus with stool at the time, so I didn't tell him about it... he said going frequently was ibs and to come back again if it didnt stop...that was a month I am making another appt.

I also have appts with other docs in case it all stems from other things. Being sick for so long is scary.

Hope you are better soon.

wednesday76 04-18-2008 06:05 PM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
please, someone out there must have had this before!

Maybe I didn't explain it well enough. I keep having the urge to go....then I will try, I will usually pass gas, and then go to wipe, and what is there is a little bit of mucus (less than a quarter)... that has little bits of stool in it.

Sorry I know this is gross and tmi but it's really freaking me out, because I have been sick for so long.

Anyone? Thanks to anyone out there who answers!!!

geezgeez 04-19-2008 04:39 PM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
It sounds to me you are suffering from chronic constipation which is what I have been suffering from on and off over the last few months.

I think mine is related to my diet, i.e. not drinking enough water and eating the correct foods.

I have had in the past and currently exactly the same symptoms as you. Earlier today I had a strong bowel movement urge, went to the toilet and strained quite hard. Felt like something came out, but when wiping all I had was mucus.

Because of the straining I know I also suffer from internal hemmeroids, which can give the urge to have a bowl movement when they are inflammed. I use stool softners (not laxatives) to help clear my system out, which I do for 5 days for which I am on my 3rd day.

That then usually makes my bowel movements perfect for a while.

I think I also have a problem where even when my bowel movements are perfect, I don't ever seem to be able to clear out the very last bit of stool. Which over time I'm sure this helps towards me developing constipation again.

jaxisbax26 04-19-2008 08:18 PM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
Don't fret darling I have that so often its just become the norm to me. Its due to the contipation. When you are constipated its because you are not getting enough liquid into your intestines which causes your intestines to draw more and more liquid from the stool itself while still in the small intestines. When this happens your body dries out the stool making it impossible to pass. So when you strain you end up pushing out your large intestines natural mucus production because the stool itself is still in progression towards the colon.which it hasn't reached yet.although its not good to push out what you need to lubricate the intestines, it is no cause for alarm. What I do is of course drink plenty of water everyday and eat lots of fruits, pears and blueberries are best,at least 2 a day and eat three meals a day.and In no time you will have built up the bulk fiber you need to have healthy bowel movements. If you want to speed up the process I find that daily fiber suplement powders help too! Good luck don't give up. Consistancy is key!

fifistoosh 04-20-2008 01:26 AM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
I have ulcerative colitis (IC)and one of the things that happens with this is loads of mucus. Its the bowels way of helping to get rid of the stools I think, quite normal apparently when you have an infection or condition. With IC you do go to toilet loads, I am having a bad time at the moment, only been up 3 hours and have been 5 times already. You mentioned you had the chills, I get something like that when the pain starts to tell me I need the loo.

Good luck on Monday.

monkey5 04-20-2008 12:36 PM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
You are not alone, all my test completely normal as well and i am beggining to think i'm going crazy here! I hope we all find answers soon! Take care and don't give up!
Love, Monkey

wednesday76 04-21-2008 09:21 AM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
Thank you all for posting.

I have a gastro appt in may, so I am just going to keep it, and bring it all up then.

I have been sick with something since the end of Jan. this is just one of many symptoms I have had. Not sure if whatever I am sick with is causing the bm problems, or if the problems are why I am sick. Trying to figure it all out.

Thanks again for posting. :)

valla67 10-07-2008 03:06 AM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
Hi, Wednesday76, I'm having the same symptons you described. I had been with the doc before and after several tests and prescriptions he gave me Pantoloc wich solved the problem, he told me that it could have been only acidity in my system because he couldn't support any other diagnosis since I was negative in all of the tests. It's been now 6 months and everything had been cool except for the last days where I started feeling what you just described. What did the gastro told you?. Thanks in advance.

monkey5 10-07-2008 11:18 AM

Re: passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
Hi there, i am beggining to think honestly that my problem is due to the pain meds, but what does one do? I always had trouble from a very young age with constipation but nothing that i have experienced since the pain, pain meds ect! A friend the other day said it seemed like it because of the other issues i have had since being on them like the skin crawling sensation and to think my dr. wants to send me to a psychiatrist for this, maybe if she helped me get off the meds hmm. Not that i don't need one for the depression that this overall causes! Take care, Monkey

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