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tina111 01-10-2009 07:41 AM

my bowels and smoking
whenever i seem to have a cigarette, my bowels just go completly haywire and i get this sudden urge to go to the bathroom!! it generally only happens in the morning-where i get it really bad! i basically have to run to the toilet straight after taking a couple of puffs,then i get very bad diarreaah( cant spell).
ive tried giving them up but i got terribly constipated and bloated for a few days so i had to go back on them-(the minute i had my first cigarette i emptied myself :( )

im just wondering do other smokers get this feeling? i just feel that niccotene is like a laxative for me and i cant go for a number 2 without a cigarette! :( HORRIBLE I KNOW!

StenoLady1 01-10-2009 09:00 AM

Re: my bowels and smoking
Nicotine does have a laxative effect. Most people who quit smoking deal with constipation for a while.

Since you know this is going to be an effect for you WHEN you quit smoking (;)), go ahead and plan for it. Increase fiber, water and physical activity in your daily routines. All of this will help you with the quit, too. Something that worked for me, too, (and still does if I have a bout of constipation) is a serving of fruit juice before bedtime. Not just apple or orange juice, either. A can of apricot nectar or a glass of plum juice does the trick.

Do not go back to smoking because you're constipated. That's just crazy! Deal with the constipation that way most of us ex-smokers had to. A brisk walk, fiber, lots of water and a daily serving or two of extra-special fruit juice will help both the constipation and craves :)

Best of luck to you!

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