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smogfils 01-28-2009 09:13 AM

Hemorrhoid or something worse?
Part of my anus has become kind of puffy and a dark blue/purple sort of color. It's only around one side of my anus and kind of looks swollen from my self examination (gross I know, been panicking wondering what it is though).

This only really becomes 'viewable' when I'm pushing (is the word to use I guess) like trying to go to the toilet or something.

It feels soft, backing up the puffy look.

So I was wondering if this would most likely be a hemorrhoid? Can hemorrhoids just happen from being constipated and using too much force or are they things that develop over a much longer time?

My biggest fear is that this is some sort of minor rectal prolapse but my quick google searching makes me think (hope) it isn't due to the color, size and appearance. It looks more like one of the sides of my anus has got swollen I suppose, the affected area isn't very big.

Now if it is a hemorrhoid is it something I should be seeking treatment for straight away or should I wait a few days and see what happens? And if it is some sort of rectal prolapse or serious hemorrhoid should I make an appointment with a general doctor or find some sort of specialist? New to this kind of stuff.

meetabhar 04-27-2009 07:28 PM

Re: Hemorrhoid or something worse?
The best thing to do is go and see a doctor. Dont worry too much about it.

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