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  • Severe constipation & bowel disorder - Please offer your advice!

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    Old 01-31-2009, 05:42 AM   #1
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    Angry Severe constipation & bowel disorder - Please offer your advice!

    Hello people,

    I have a problem, a problem which i consider rather goes....

    I am a very healthy, very physically fit 23-yr old male who, 2 months past, relocated to Thailand to study and train in the martial arts of south-east asia.

    Almost since my arrival here, i have been a victim of severe constipation, alternating with bad diarhoera. I find this problem to only be getting worse, the details of my problem are as follows:

    1, On the odd occasion i do manage to pass a stool, it is small and very much narrower than usual, and very hard to pass.
    2, The diarhoera doesnt contain any blood that i am aware of.
    3, I am frequently very tired, with very little energy (this problem appears to be getting worse).
    4, I get frequent stomach cramps, which are not too bad, but still enough to cause concern, especially during the middle of a fight!
    5, Constipation can last for anything up to 2 weeks at a time.
    6, I am not vomiting at any time.
    7, I have lost several kilograms (but, i do undergo long bouts of sustained physical exertion). ??!!??
    8, I have a consistantly healthy appitite.
    9, No improvement at any time despite prescribed pills / laxatives.

    Obviously, moving from England to Thailand has seen a massive change in diet. I am certainly drinking enough electrolite-laced water. I doubt the diet-change would cause such prolonged illness...would it!?

    I am at my wits end with this. Please offer your help or advice for how i can correct this problem, it is affecting my training more and more.
    Lately,my mother and girlfriend are both demanding my return to England for fear of bowel-cancer or something similar!
    Please please please help me!!

    I will reply a.s.a.p to any messages i receive.
    Kind Regards, AngryBowels.

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    Re: Severe constipation & bowel disorder - Please offer your advice!

    Hello, you don't mention fiber intake with the water which is very important to keep your stools soft. If you are eating a lot of rice try and make it brown rice as this is higher in fiber content than white rice, but take extra fiber anyway as a supplement as it is obvious that your system needs it, but it is VERY important that you maintain a high water intake with it.

    The Thai diet contains a lot of coconut which is actually good for you despite being a saturated fat. It contains medium chain fatty acids which don't needs to be digested by your bile salts so they are very easy to digest. You need to balance these with other fatty acids and I would take olive oil with your food to give you the correct balance between omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. You need to try to achieve a ratio of about 1 to 4. Organic butter is equal in these two fatty acids so it's very good for you.

    Lipids are important for good bowel health and as you are so active you could almost drink olive oil neat (I do) and not worry about the extra calories and will allow you to put a bit of weight back on. It will also give you the energy you seem to be lacking which is a symptom of a bowel disorder. One other benefit of taking olive oil in good quantities is that it will allow you to reduce the amount of water intake a little before competitions. You don't want to constantly be in need of the loo when you are physically active and any kicks to the groin with a gut full of water won't be pleasant.

    You can't really over-dose with olive oil, but make sure it is extra virgin olive oil from a first cold pressing (the information will be on the bottle). Extra virgin olive oil contains the slippery molecules you need to create an emulsified stool and the fatty acids will not have gone rancid if you buy it in light proof bottles.

    As you are expending loads of energy you could be burning all the energy giving food you are eating and still be nutrient deficient. Take cod liver oil supplement too, that will boost you omega 3 needs. Ultimately you have a diet problem which you need to solve. Let me know how you get on and good luck.

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    Re: Severe constipation & bowel disorder - Please offer your advice!

    Oh I forgot to mention Yoghurt. If the bacteria in your gut are out of equilibrium (and it sounds as if they are) you could restore the balance with a regular natural probiotic yoghurt intake. Forget the laxatives and pills, they could be making things worse. Cheers, kennyboy.

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    Re: Severe constipation & bowel disorder - Please offer your advice!

    I have the same problem! I had a colonic a month ago and since then I haven't went to the bathroom at all!!! Tuesday I took ducolax - nothing, wednesday I took 2 exlax chocolates - nothing, thursday I did an enema - nothing.. friday - another enema nothing.. saturday 2 ex lax pills nothing!!! Daily I take mira lax with a ton of fiber and exercise daily. I drink daily but not by the gallon or anything!! I've had this problem since I was about 14 - had barium enemas and perscribed zelnorm (taken off market) and told to take daily fiber, exercise and water.. no improvement at all! ----- shall I do another colonic? Where does all this waste go?? I dont have health insurance so I can't afford to see a doctor -- any suggestions?

    Old 02-01-2009, 12:30 PM   #5
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    Re: Severe constipation & bowel disorder - Please offer your advice!

    The trouble with enemas is that they can only affect the final part of the stool (if you are lucky and obviously from what you say, you're not). Whereas you should be trying to make the ENTIRE stool soft for ease of evacuation. You can only do that by taking a stool softener with your food so that it mixes well in your stomach and keeps the stool an even texture throughout in your gut. Keep up the fiber and PLENTY of water and take olive oil with your food (see my reply to the opening poster). You can take the oil in drinks, tomato is my preferred choice as it is hardly noticeable in that but I have grown to quite like it neat with its slightly salty taste and peppery after effect. You can cook with it but it won't have the same effect as if you consume it straight from the bottle. You can sprinkle it on salad or on baked potatoes etc. You will have to find your own way to take it. Aim for about a couple of tablespoons per meal. DON'T use margarine (evil stuff) or any other vegetable oil (coconut is OK) as they are quite different to olive oil and could cause you more problems in the long run. Reduce all the junk laxatives as they could be causing more trouble than they are worth.
    Go to the cheapest doctor of all.......yourself, and use your own initiative. Good luck and let us know how you get on and what worked for you. Cheers, kennyboy

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