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eric1407 02-03-2009 04:33 PM

Constipation and loose stools cycle help
Hi everybody!! I hope someone could help me please
I have an alternating of mild constipation and loose stools since one year.
The cycle is like this
1 Loose stools with irregular rough skin, torn and with some small holes (air)
2 The following bowel movement consists of hard pellets stools it seems that the first pieces of the loose stools become dry and stick together to form one irregular hard shape.
3 The last bowel movement will be hard dry stools with very smooth skin without any airís holes like non raised dough.
The colors also alternate between bright curcuma powder (yellow) and light gray-green.
I have also a mild stomach irritation so lemon juice and tomato paste make me feel tiredness bloating and full. I have noticed the harder stomach irritation symptoms are the harder constipation cycle is.
I have stopped cigarettes and hot spices
Thank in advances you so much for your replies and your advises! And best wishes for those who are struggling with their disease my God help them

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