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Bowel issues - tests run, no solutions - please read!

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Old 04-14-2009, 02:12 PM   #1
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Loofa HB User
Question Bowel issues - tests run, no solutions - please read!

Hello everyone. This is a pretty intricate story so please read it carefully and in detail so that you can fully understand everything in order to hopefully provide an insightful response!

Okay, here's how it all started. About a month ago, I was in my apartment just staring at the ceiling relaxing when all of a sudden, I bit into my lips, and they were numb. I freaked out and stood up, and I felt extremely light-headed... almost to the point of feeling like a great pressure was weighing me down. I felt very weak and absent-minded, yet was still in control of myself and my actions. My pulse was racing and I broke out in sweat. I strange, subtle tingling sensation pulsated in my extremities and I had never felt worse (or more confused) in my entire life. After ruling out that chance that this was a heart attack (because of the fact that through deep breathing I was able to slow my pulse down), I sat down and tried to relax. The best was I can describe this feelings would be "slipping in and out of focused consciousness".

When this happened, it was about 11:00PM. The episode ended around midnight, at which point I tried to do nothing but fall asleep because I wanted this to end. I couldn't fall asleep until 6:00AM because each time I relaxed my body, the horrible feeling would return and that tingling sensation would take over my extremities again. But I finally knocked out at 6, and woke up around noon the following day.

For the next few days, I felt horrible. A sense of mental clarity was gone and the feeling of slipping in and out of consciousness came and went, which made me panicy and extremely uneasy. The tingling would come and go as well, and for a day or so, my it manifested itself in my left hand specifically. After 4 days or so if this, I got so scared that I checked myself into my local ER.

The gave me an EKG (when they put all those little pads on your chest and monitor your heart activity), and a chest x-ray as well. I forgot to mention that at this point, I was having strange little aches and pains all over my torso, but a particularly tight pain had seemed to remain in my chest [hence the reason they took the chest x-ray). They also took some blood - I guess just to check chemical levels and what not. Everything came back fine and they dismissed it as an anxiety disorder.

These symptoms seemed to dull (but not completely leave) within a few more days. To this day, I still feel like a sense of clarity I once had before the incident is missing.

Anyway, after about a week, something totally different started happening. One night, my stomach was hurting really badly. When I used the bathroom, A LOT of blood came out. I freaked out and went back the ER. The doctor checked my anus and took blood to see if I was internally bleeding. Blood tests confirmed I was not bleeding internally and said my anus looked healthy, and that I probably just had a small cut somewhere inside my colon which caused the bleeding.

The following night, the same exact thing happened but twice as much blood came out. I just did my best to dismiss it (though I was freaking out inside) and waited until the following day.

Everyday after that, the blood exertion had ceased, but my bowel movements had changed SIGNIFICANTLY. The feeling of "it's time to go to the bathroom" was replaced with a feeling of "maybe I can get one out now". My stools were coming out skinny and small, and after each movement, I felt like there was more inside of me, but it wouldn't come out. The stools were very light brown (which led me to believe that blood had been mixed in with the feces itself). The smell was very odd and foul. It worried me greatly. Occasionally during this week, I'd have some decent sized stools, but that was rare, and the odd color and amount didn't change.

During the end of this week, I started developing pain around my lower ab. Once during this, I went to the bathroom and a normal looking stool came out, but it had chunks of red in it. Please bare in mind that none of this had to do with dietary changes.

Finally the pains got so bad that I went back to the ER. This time, however, the checked me in and ran tons of tests. Lots of blood work, a CT scan of my ab, and a complete colonoscopy. Absolutely everything came back normal. The only abnormalities that were reported to me by the doctor were that I had a couple small, harmless hemorrhoids in my small intestine (which he told me was no big deal and wouldn't cause any of this), and that my spleen was a bit enlarged - but again, meant nothing in relation to what I was experiencing. His ultimate diagnosis - "it happens sometimes". He told me to stop worrying because everything came back clean and it's definitely nothing serious, and that I continue feeling "congested" down there, to cleanse myself with a powerful laxative twice a month or so. They discharged me and sent me on my way.

I've been out of the hospital now for 3 days and my bowel movements have not returned to normal. Haven't seen blood in quite a while, but I'm still not using the bathroom that often, my stools are still much lighter than normal, and thinner as well. The foul odor is also still present.

Although I've been assured all is fine, I am still very curious to why this is happening and why after some powerful laxatives and a colonoscopy my BMs have not returned to normal. Could any of you provide some insight? This is really driving me nuts. Thank you guys for you time and responses!

PS - Those strange little episodes with the light-headedness and tingling still occur every so often, and I still don't feel TOTALLY like I did mentally before any of this happened, though I can still function perfectly. A new symptom has also come up - chronic headaches on various places of my head.


-Mike (Loofa)

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kennyboy HB Userkennyboy HB User
Re: Bowel issues - tests run, no solutions - please read!

Could be a food alergy. Try cutting out glutten to see if it helps.

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Crimson609 HB User
Post Re: Bowel issues - tests run, no solutions - please read!

Can't comment on the wierd feelings but have had lots of experience in the bowel department. By the way you've described things I get the feeling that no1 has perscribed you anything to take to help you go to the loo.
1st thing I would do is start to keep a food diary, you need to be very detailed into every ingredient it sounds a pain but it could show up what the problem is. I di it for about a 6 weeks and was able to track back a couple of days from the pain each time to find that I was sensitive to wheat and tomatoes. I now know when my bowel is "acting up" like the technical term,lol, to avoid them.
2nd I would get something gental to help you keep going to the loo on hopefully a daily basis like fybogel, manevac, senna etc.or draistically increase your fibre and ensure you have five a day of fruit, I eat fruit salad every day now, yes it gets boring but it does help, prunes, dates, dried apricots all help. you also may need lactulose to soften the motions. Sorry for the detail but its a bit difficult to help without going into specifics.
If you keep a record of when you go to the loo you can see how what you're eatting fibre, fruit and ingredients wise is affecting you.
Without knowing anymore it is difficult to say whats wrong, I have had most of the tests and they have found nothing but bleed regularly and it is scary I agree.
Feel free to ask anything u like that is concerning you, stress can play a big factor too. I know its horrible and frightening just hope it helps to know there are others of us out there going through the same thing that have been able to take back a bit of control of their lives.

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Old 04-16-2009, 02:51 PM   #4
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Loofa HB User
Re: Bowel issues - tests run, no solutions - please read!

Well Scraggy, thank you so much for actually taking the time to read my story and thank you so much for your help! And I don't mind getting graphic - with this topic, you kinda have to. Lol.

Anyway, I believe things might be improving. My bowel movements are becoming more often and don't require that much straining these days. Haven't seen blood in quite a while either. They're still a bit off, though, in reference to color, texture and size, but they appear to be looking slightly more and more normal each day now. I will definitely take your advice about increasing my fibre. As you can imagine, I've heard that recommendation before. Lol.

I also read this book on anxiety. And it's looking like the docs were right. I'm pretty positive I have an anxiety disorder. All my symptoms match. Now I just have to learn how to live, deal and cope with it.

Well, that's the update as of now! Any more advice? Please feel free to lay it on me!


Old 04-17-2009, 03:46 AM   #5
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Crimson609 HB User
Re: Bowel issues - tests run, no solutions - please read!

1 thing I've found which does help the pain is having smaller meals more often so the bowel keeps a regular activity rather than stopping and starting, just an idea.
Also you can buy Ortisan tablets, they're chunky like oxo cubes which u have to chew and they don't taste very nice but they have no drugs in them so its more natural.
Will have a think about anything else I do.
Stress is a big factor though, I find it can effect things a lot.
Try to keep smiling

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