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Maisiemo 05-24-2009 11:14 AM

Help please. Rectal prolapse!
Hi, this is the first time i have posted here.I have been reading the boards though and hope i can get some help and advice.I've had bowel problems for ages but this is just awlful! Some weeks ago i made a real effort to try and sort out my numerous problems.(one at a time).Starting with chronic constipation.As usual my Dr prescribed laxatives/fibre.These made the situation worse.Having tried all sorts i went for colonic irrigation (i was SO embarrassed ,but i was desperate!)I went twice.the second time when i was sent to the toilet afterwards i found that the same problem i'd been experiencing for a while,it felt like i needed to go but it was stuck!
She said this just should'nt happen and i may have a "pocket"up there or a virginal prolapse affecting the bowel.Anyway it kept happening! I thought it was constipation,but it felt just like a golf ball up there.So back i went to the Drs.She examined me front and back.she said i had a slight virginal prolapse which could be the reason.I've been refered to a gynacologist and a bowel specialist.
But i did the "Mirror test" as i'd seen on these boards.I know it's a rectal prolapse and it's just simply freaking me out.(Sometimes i have to press it to get it to go back in).I'm SO,SO,embarrassed about this.I hate it!I find it so hard to talk about,so i'm hoping i can get some feedback from someone.
My over riding thing is horror and embarassment.Apart from the golf ball" whole behind area aches,tops of my legs ache,wind(Oh gawd thats another story!).I'm SO fed up and stressed.Have i got 2 damned prolapses!! I wish i could pretend this was'nt happening.Will it get worse.I'm going to my sons wedding in the states in a few months! Do i tell the bowel dr about the colonics? (i dont think they made it worse,i think she just helped my bowels to work better and then i noticed it more).Any advice very gratefully received.This is awlful!

kizzy678 05-30-2009 05:06 AM

Re: Help please. Rectal prolapse!
Following a number of bowel problems myself all I can say is be really honest with your specialist. They do help mine did the best he could but I left mine so long I am now facing further surgery donít hide it.

Maisiemo 05-31-2009 11:23 AM

Re: Help please. Rectal prolapse!
Thank you for replying to me.I suppose i have to tell myself "they've seen/heard it all before"! I hope you get along ok.Thanks for the advice i'll do as you say.take care.

lilcee 06-01-2009 07:16 AM

Re: Help please. Rectal prolapse!
Have you had any help with this? I believe I have the same thing. I have constipation alot and I can feel a "golf ball" inside too. I've been told I have a prolapse but I don't know what to do about it.

Maisiemo 06-01-2009 11:59 AM

Re: Help please. Rectal prolapse!
Hi there,I dont know what to do about it either!! It's just not what you need is it!I'm going to see a consultant in July and i really would rather pretend it's not happening.I have to see a gynacologist next week as well as i have a slight prolapse up there as well.I did'nt actually realise i had a rectal prolapse to begin with,i thought i was just constipated.Have you seen a Dr about it yet?Do you get any other syptoms? It's just Awlful is'nt it? I think it's the embarrassment aspect of it as well.I cant bear the thought of having to go into grafic detail about my rear end,not to mention any tests that have to be done.Please let me know how far along the line you are with this.This is all new to me.Best wishes.

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