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sadog092 08-28-2010 02:23 AM

Constantly Clean BM
For about 2 years now, whenever I have a bowel movement it always wipes clean. (aside for diarrhea when sick, ect.) I'm not positive but it may have started when my doctor prescribed Minocycline 100 MG to me (for acne). Someone told me that isn't normal but I haven't noticed any other side affects or changes to my body since starting my medication. I don't know whether this is an issue, luck, or side affect? Any help or insight would be appreciated.

quincy 08-28-2010 02:20 PM

Re: Constantly Clean BM
not normal...well, depends I would think if your bms are very hard or not.

Just out of curiosity...what is your diet like and what other supplements are you taking?

Do you go once a day?


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