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DanDan88 10-25-2010 09:34 PM

A good hemorrhoidectomy doctor?
Would u by any chance be able to tell me the doctor that did a great job on you? Iím 22 also and so scared to get this surgery :(. I do not have pain all the time but I bleed a good amount when I go. I have external and internal and IV seen two doctors and tryís many things and nothing seems to work or works for like a month or 2 and come back. They seem to be getting worse. But I donít want to risk innocence :( at the age of 22 I just want to be normal again and poor in a public bathroom with toilet paper sad wish for a 22 year old right?

So if you could tell me the doctor that would help. I want to get this done over my winter break so I can go back to school for my last semester. 4 weeks should be good enough to start going to school right ?

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