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Tndav 01-03-2012 08:35 AM

Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
I have followed other post regarding laser hemorrhoid surgery for months now. I am moving forward with the operation and have it narrowed down between a physician in Phoenix or Miami, which are about the only 2 places I can find that actually do the procedure. Has anyone following these post been to either of these places? This has been the most frustrating process I have ever gone through trying to get a consistent answer on which procedure is best regarding pain and recovery time. I know it is in a tough spot and everyone is different with pain, but I still hear that with the Laser Surgery it can be 3-5 days up to 2-3 weeks. Any input from others out there have the laser procedure done in Miami or Phoenix? I am about researched out and my gut tells me to do the laser. Would love to hear from people that have had the laser surgery.

Catfishfrank 01-03-2012 05:00 PM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
I can't answer your questions, but can sympathize with you on getting direct answers and stuff....I am also interested in the laser surgery. I know nothing about it. I have internal HR's and had two banded approx 6 weeks ago with very painful results. I'm pretty sure I'll need to have more worked on. Is there any criteria for this laser stuff ? Do they do it on both external and internal ?? Thanks in advance. And I hope this all works in your favor.:angel::angel:

Tndav 01-03-2012 05:50 PM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
I have spoken to both locations in Miami and Phoenix. Yes they can laser both internal and external. Banding does work and is a great option if you only have internals. I have had bands before and the pain from the band usually went away after 6 - 12 hrs. However, bands no longer work for me and I also have externals which you can't band. I would stick with banding and see how it goes. Surgery should always be a last resort. You normally only have to have 3 or 4 bands anyway with not much down time or complications. My recommendation from experience is to only have them do one band at a time. 2 at a time will produce quicker results, but much more painful. I have only considered surgery because all else has failed and I have put up with it for years. Good luck! I understand how you feel.

randadawn 01-04-2012 06:11 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Happy to help! If you search this board there are a few of us who did have laser surgery in AZ. My recovery was uneventful! Easy and only time I had pain was using the bathroom. Burned and ached for a few hours after. I now have problems on the other side of my rectum but cannot afford to go to AZ again. I have also seen a doctor in Miami (I was there for vacation) and he was very nice. I did so much research and went through a period of great depression about this surgery. I have a baby at home and the less down time the better. Where do both of you live? There are a few other places that do it. I have found one in PA, NY, and maybe Michigan. I have gone to the doctor in PA but I have a mild case of proctitis that needs to be cleared up before I can get this hemorrhoid taken care of.

Tndav 01-04-2012 10:56 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
I am in Alabama. Miami would be closer. All of my research has me sold on Laser. I guess I just still doubt the 3-5 day recovery that laser data states. Although it might be a better technique, it is still the same spot. Was curious if others that had the laser procedure performed agree with this time period for recovery. If I read correctly, you only had 1 removed when you had your procedure done in Phoenix correct? I have mixed hemorrhoids will have them all removed at one time. If done in Miami, I think it is done in hospital. They will only remove 1 or so at a time if done in office. Seems that if laser was this great, others would post about it. I just can't seem to find any updated studies or info on it. Everything I find on laser says the same general stuff. Did the Miami doc agree with the Phoenix doc about outcomes, recovery time, etc?
Thanks so much for the info!!

randadawn 01-05-2012 08:28 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Yes, the doctor in Miami did agree with the doctor in AZ. You do have to remember that it depends on the severity of the hemorrhoid removed. I called a place in Michigan that used to do this (the doctor died) so they have no reason to steer me in the wrong direction. 3-5 down time seemed to be the norm there too. There are a few others on this board too. One was back to work on the 7th day and the other 2 weeks. They both had more then just hemorrhoids done. I had internal and 1 external done. I am traveling yet again to have the other side taken care of.

randadawn 01-05-2012 08:31 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Hey. There is a doc in Greensburg, PA that uses the laser. (3 hour drive for you) He is about a 3.5 hour drive from me but I took the trip. He was very thorough and very nice. They were going to do something that day for me since I traveled so far but I had a small infection so I have to go back in 5 weeks. 2 hotels within a couple miles too and plenty of stores/restaurants.

randadawn 02-16-2012 03:17 PM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Are either one of you still on here?

Tndav 02-17-2012 05:06 PM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Yes. I have been meaning to write, but have not had time. I went to Miami 3 weeks ago and had the laser performed. I was told I had really bad internal and external hems with a few skin tags. The laser is legit. Nothing like the horror story's I heard by having them cut out. Don't get me wrong, the 1st 3 days where not fun, but bearable. I felt 50% recovered 5 days out. 75% and went back to work on day 10. 4 of those days were week days though, so only missed 6 days of work. Had surgery on Fri and returned to work the next Monday. Was a little uncomfortable due to still having some drainage and bleeding. Today I am 3 weeks out and i would say 90% recovered. I am doing everything but working out. This is a major improvement from the traditional way of cutting them where you have a 2-4 weeks off of work and 2-3 months to full recovery. I am almost at full recovery at 3 weeks and I had a really really bad case. I am ****** at the lack of attention to this procedure by other surgeons and all of those that say laser is no better. They are nuts! Anyone who has to have this major surgery should get laser. I can't believe more surgeons are not learning how to use the laser, esp since it has been out for over 20 years. This should be a disgrace to the field of colorectal surgeons for not doing more research on this technique in the U.S. Here is the good news: The doctor in Miami was awesome. I liked him a lot and thought he did a great job. He has been using the laser for 25 years or longer. Done 1000's of hemorrhoidectomies with the laser.

<removed: disallowed>

Out of all of the research I did regarding laser, doc's, etc, I can believe I never researched the hospital. Research the hospital review for what other have had to say about this hospital. I would go back to this surgeon in a heartbeat, but he will have to operate at another hospital.

sweetgramma 02-22-2012 04:36 PM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Are you all still on ? My son wants to go to Phoenix for surgery and just wanted others stories of how they made out and how they are doing now?

randadawn 02-24-2012 05:14 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Yes. I am still on. I had an excellent experience. My pain was minimal and only like two days down time. I had one large external and a couple internal done. I just went to a place in Pennsylvania and had a couple more done on February 20. This was on the other side of my opening and was a mixed external/internal hemorrhoid. A little more pain this time but I only used Ibuprofen.....I am horrible with pain too. I would be happy to answer any questions you have. But, also, I don't know where you are from but I have found many places that do it across the US now.

randadawn 02-24-2012 05:19 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Tndav I also loved the doctor in Miami but I didn't go to him. I found a place closer that did it in Pennsylvania. I had a very large external/internal done on Monday February 20 and I am sitting at my desk at work as we speak! I will be going to have another one done on April 2. The reason I only do 1 at a time is because I have a family to care for. I can't have 2+ weeks down time.....just don't work for me. I had help from Monday after surgery until this morning and all is well. Not pain free but then again the most my pain was.......maybe a 4?

randadawn 02-24-2012 05:20 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
And, also I did read reviews on that hospital and seen it is horrible!

randadawn 02-24-2012 05:22 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
Catfishfrank.....are you here?

sweetgramma 02-24-2012 05:25 AM

Re: Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery in Miami or Phoenix
We are going to Phoenix, AZ . We live in rural upstate N. Y. The date is set for April 4th. The Drs. office has assured my son they can take care of all of his issues at once. He is worried about nausea after the procedure. He knows there will be some pain but he is familiar with this as he has had these issues for 12 years and 2 specialist tell him there is nothing they can do.. Just last week went to Albany Med.. were told on the phone they did laser procedure NOT,told him to go home and use some cream and come back in 10 weeks and have rubberband procedure done..Makes me so mad that they did not refere him out to someone who could help him... We have family near Phoenix that we are staying with. My son was wondering if he should stay there in AZ for up to 6 days or would it be better to catch a flight back earlier.. What did you do? Talk to you later and THANK YOU

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