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VJAY71 08-17-2012 08:52 PM

Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery - Some DOs and Dont's
I had a Hemorrhoidectomy done last Saturday. I had a small anal fissure and thromosed external. This is 7th day and I am healing OK and on the road to recovery. I am planning to go to office from Monday.

I have had several root canals done before but the pain during the first 4 days after Hemorrhoidectomy was excruciating - i was not prepared nor expecting the same.

I owe my recovery to so many posts on the internet that I thought I should give it back by posting important Dos and Donts.

[B]What to expect after the surgery[/B]
- Lots of Pain for the first 4-5 days depending upon your preperedness.
- Pain and burning sensation
- Some swelling and tenderness in the anal region
- Liquid Diet on the first 1-2 days
- Little or no bowel movement first 1-2 days
- Painful gas release
- Frequent urination especially during/after sitz baths
- Some blood clotting & itching
- Pain Killers & laxative prescription
- Little sleep
- Dont expect the doctor to tell you all the truth about pain :-)

[B]Important DOs and Dont's[/B]

- After the surgery like mine, they insert a cloth guaze in your anus for protection. Make sure it is either removed if it is not going off on its own after a day or two. If you dont realize this, then you will wonder why you are not able to have a BM. It will cause tremendous pain.
- You can expect some blood clotting. Dont worry this is normal. Just dont get worried
- Eats lots of liquid food for day 1-3. My reco is plenty of Water, COCONUT WATER, CITRUS FRUIT Juice, Soup etc. I did this with regular food upto day 7 now.
- Avoid Spicy Food.
- If you are eating regular food then please include Beans, Spinach and those which are heavy in fibre to ensure easy bowel.
- If you are an indi-an or if you like rice, then Idli or curd rice is the best. Have curd rice with regular curry of beans or chips so you can savor it.
- Avoid eating a lot. Just enough
- Avoid Coffee, Tea or Soda the first 3-5 days
- If you are taking Pain killers then eat some food before taking it. Wash it down with plenty of water.
- You can try sleeping on the side if it helps. You can use chairs that have some cloth or softness on it for sitting.
- You can do some walking whenever you get a chance
- If you have a help i.e your wife or sibling or parents around then it helps a lot.

- I found that BM on western toilet is painful. I found a post on squatting and god bless the person, that is the best advice. I am an indi-an and used Western Types and never realized the science behind Squatting type.
- Search for Squatting on Google. This is very basic type of toilet used in India and believe me this is the best method post Hemorrhoidectomy for a BM
- Buy a small bed pan and squat on the ground in your regular toilet. You will find that it is not only easy to have a BM but also less painful.
- Ensure you have enough hot water before passing a BM.
- If you cant bear the pain and burning, try BM after you had your pain killer. General reco is dont stop a natural BM.
- Ensure you have Sitz baths after every BM. I used hot water plus Betadine.
- The type of dress you wear should be comfortable. Avoid tight jeans. You should try what we call in India - Lungi atleast for a week. It is very comfortable.
- Ensure you clean well including the toilet.


Coconut Water, Citrus Fruit Juice, Cloth Guaze, Squatting, Sitz Baths, Beans, Spinach, Betadine, Rice, Dress and ofcourse PAIN.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery and hope this helps.


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