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thedead1s 08-27-2012 04:12 PM

(Help) So much diarrhea these past two years
Hello. First off, I'm 14 and I am a male :). My situation is a bit complicated.
So I've been getting a lot of diarrhea these past two years that I'm beginning to get hemorrhoids from going to the bathroom so much. In 2010 I would maybe get around one diarrhea every month. 2011, increasing to maybe once every 3 weeks. This year I would get it every week, but I think I know what causes it. I hope you can understand this part. Since I was young, I would get diarrhea often and stomach aches in the morning. I use to love eating things like jello and drinking juice. If I ate jello and drink juice an hour later (milk would be worse, since I drank it all the time), I would get diarrhea, and that happened a lot. Then around 8-10 years old, my mom started buying yogurt and at that time I stopped eating jello because it was fattening. I still drank juice daily because it helps thirst so much better than water. I would come home from school, drink a glass of juice. At that time, I understood that if I ate yogurt an hour after drinking juice, I would get diarrhea, so I ate them after dinner and I still got diarrhea. It got worse when I turned into a teenager. I couldn't even eat or drink those things in the same day. Because of these diarrhea problems, I stopped drinking/eating all of them. Nowadays I would get constipated for no reason after diarrhea and I would eventually get diarrhea again, the problem is so complicated that I don't even get what's happening. I went to the doctor countless times, doing stool tests, blood tests, lactose intolerance test and they all came in as healthy. My story is complicated, but I hope you could give a suggestion to what I should do now.

quincy 08-28-2012 01:49 PM

Re: (Help) So much diarrhea these past two years need to ask your doctor to send you to a gastroenterologist and have a colonoscopy done. To see the colon with a scope and take biopsies.

If all is clear of any inflammation, then probably what's going on is that you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Explain your daily intake of food and drinks. What supplements/vitamins do you take?

Are you underweight or overweight(you mentioned fattening drinks)?

How often do you have bms regardless if they're diarrhea or not?

Do you notice mucus as well?


thedead1s 08-28-2012 02:24 PM

Re: (Help) So much diarrhea these past two years
Aww, I really don't want to do those tests again. I mean endoscopy looks scary enough :(. Anyways, I sometimes do take those pink Calcium/Vitamin tablets. So first, I wake up, usually around 12-1PM, sometimes my parents leave a bowl of something for breakfast, and my sister and I would put it in the microwave to eat. Sometimes I would just wait for my mother to come back to cook us food (she usually comes back at around 1-2). I really don't get hungry until 2-3. I am pretty overweight, the problem is, I eat a lot and really fast too. I sometimes finish dinner in 3 minutes, I'm trying to tone that down. Oh and I'm around 172 pounds and I'm 5'10. Dinner is around 7:10 and I would eat some snacks and stuff between breakfast and dinner. After dinner, my dad would cut us a bowl of fruits everyday for us. At night, I would still eat..

thedead1s 08-28-2012 02:28 PM

Re: (Help) So much diarrhea these past two years
Today I still feel pain in the stomach, I still haven't been running to the bathroom as much. Yesterday, I had to force some out, and it did feel better afterwards and at night, it started hurting again. The pain is like the pain of diarrhea, but less.
Edit: Oh sorry I didn't know what bms meant. My stools are usually all solid, sometimes really hard, even after eating lots of vegetables. But since a diarrhea incident happened on Thursday, my stool has been a bit watery, as in texture, but still solid. For diarrhea, of course I start off with solid stool then conclude with watery stool. I have to mention that since the beginning of 2012, I've been taking Pepto Bismol a lot when getting diarrhea. I stopped last week because I've been using it way too often.

quincy 08-29-2012 11:31 AM

Re: (Help) So much diarrhea these past two years
It sounds as though you're a candidate to see a nutritionist to help you understand the value of good eating.

Fruits often in the day might not be your best food...possibly you don't handle fructose well.

See a nutritionist and get yourself back on track. If you learn the value of proper eating habits and good food intake, you'll set yourself up for a better lifestyle/weight, etc.

You're old enough at this point.

What about taking some cooking classes?


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