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ashes001 12-06-2012 10:51 PM

4 years chronic constipation post hysterectomy
I know, talking about poop is gross, and embarrassing but I need some advice.
I've been suffering from chronic constipation and pain in my lower felt abdomen. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy 4 years ago right around the time the constipation started. Doctors don't seem to think the 2 are linked. The major pain is right where I can feel where my ligaments were sewn during the surgery. I have maybe 1 very small or a few pencil thin bowel movements a week, sometimes every 2 weeks. I get full from very small meals, or am not hungry at all for days. I never feel as if I have gotten it all out, even with laxitives or an enema. I also have a lot of mucus and sometimes about a teaspoon of blood, but most of the time it is less or just streaks. I also have external hemorrhoids that never go away (ew, I know)
I had a endoscopy/colonoscopy last year and the doc said things looked fine. She said some people who have had sexual abuse in their lives can later in life have bowel/stomach issues (sounds like a bunch of crap, no pun intended, to me) she also said some people just don't go that often.
All this may very well be true, but it seems to me that sudden colon issues post surgeries is far more likely a reason than sexual abuse 3 decades in the past.
Can someone help me? I had an u;trasound last week to see if I had more cysts on my ovaries, the right looked fine, but she couldn't see my left because of the bowel in the way. She seemed to not have any issues with this and deemed it normal without actually seeing it.
I feel like because I have multiple medical issues that are constantly an issue with me that doctors are ignoring me as if I was some hypochondriac. It is maddening!

Has anyone had anything like this? Can you give me some advice?

Brocallie 12-07-2012 10:21 AM

Re: 4 years chronic constipation post hysterectomy
You might consider a few things: 1. Enterocele (internal bowel prolapse) now that some of the pelvic support is gone since the hysterectomy. 2. Scar tissue entrapping the bowel. 3. Complications from surgical mesh that was almost certainly used during the hysterectomy (whether you were aware of it or not.)

Do some searches on all those, and more as you will almost certainly learn more. See if anything makes sense and then proceed from there.

I am sorry you are having issues. Good luck.

ashes001 12-07-2012 10:48 AM

Re: 4 years chronic constipation post hysterectomy
Thank you so much. After all the research I've done I haven't heard of those things. I'll look them up. Thanks, :)You're a peach

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