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aeriswisteria 03-22-2014 01:31 PM

Hemorrhoid One Week After Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy???
On March 13th, I had a hysterectomy along with a Hemorrhoidectomy. The hysterectomy was performed first and then the Hemorrhoidectomy.
I haven't seen the hem surgeon since my initial appointment. He didn't come see me during pre-op, nor did he visit my family to let them know the results when the surgery was over. He didn't even come see me for discharge. I have received nothing from him, which means I have absolutely no idea what occurred during my surgery, nor what to expect during recovery.
Exactly one week to the day of my surgery, I developed what I think is a hemorrhoid. It is swollen, painful, stings, burns and itches just like one. I called his nurse, alarmed. She basically brushed me off. She said I could see him in another town on Wednesday, go to the ER, or see him at my scheduled follow-up appointment on Friday. She didn't even address my concerns that I have a hemorrhoid right after the surgery to remove them.
Can anyone please clue me in to the recovery expectations from the stapled Hemorrhoidectomy procedure? I plan on letting this man have it when I see him at my follow-up appointment.
Thank you in advance!

aeriswisteria 03-28-2014 12:38 PM

Re: Hemorrhoid One Week After Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy???
Going back for same surgery on April 1st.

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