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earl09 05-07-2014 08:11 PM

Having issues going to the bathroom for years
Hi, new Here.
For years now- as long as I can remember- I only poop once every week /week and half. I have tried everything I can think of. I've tried all the different diets, high fiber diets, fruits and veggies, cleanses... laxatives... cigarettes (not proud of that). Anyway, I even got a colonoscopy Done a few months ago. The doctor really seemed to just want to rush through everything. He gave me a prescription for basically a pharmacy mirlax with directions to take in the morning and at night, which should produce 2 stools a day, progressing to less dosage after a few weeks. He also gave me a little diet to follow- which I have.
Nothing has helped. I have to take 2 dulex laxatives the evening before I get results, even then I still need coffee to help bring it out.
I constantly have pain, and it's even painful to have intercourse with my husband. (The doctor said my colon looked great) so I'm wondering what should I be looking at next? I really can't live the rest of my life like this. Some times, the pain is unbearable! It's enough to make me fall to my knees and scream out! I really need answers and it took a lot of courage to get the colonoscopy that i feel did not help anything.

Additional information- I am a healthy 23 year old, Healthy diet, i avoid lactose, and red meats. I do not drink. i take vitamins and exercise. I do not have diabetes or any thyroid deseases. On occation, i get very sick to my stomach- throw up anything i eat, throw up if i dont eat. Doctors thought it was an ulcer. Still get sick but now just severe nausea. Before i was married, i rarely got constipated. I worried that my body just wasn't producing stool.

sdlmjl 05-07-2014 08:59 PM

Have you tried increasing your fluid intake? That always helps me.

earl09 05-08-2014 12:43 AM

Re: Having issues going to the bathroom for years
Yes, forgot to mention that, too. I only drink water (besides a cup of coffee in the am) I drink a minimum of 3 water bottles a day. The first time I mentioned my issue years ago to my normal doctor, she also recommended that I drink more. So I increased my in take then also- same results.

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