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primaddona 08-27-2019 07:49 PM

Memory Loss after 2 TBI's and one recent Concussion
Hello! After having 2 TBI's in my younger teen years, I've dealt with a whole slew of problems. However, this January I sustained a concussion, which seemed to make everything way, way worse.

Most of my memory problems are minor, in which I can solve by looking at old emails, keeping a google calander, writing myself notes, etc. HOWEVER!!!

I'm a college student in a premed Neuroscience program, which is where my memory seems to impact me the most, since I REALLY need it in school! I'm entering my junior year, and started taking an upper level Chemistry class, only to realize that I don't remember most of the chemistry class I took last year. Since Chemistry builds, this is a HUGE problem and is causing me a ton of stress.

I have zero idea what to do in this situation, as I have no time to reteach myself a whole class, and I feel my professor may think I'm just stupid for not remembering basics of the class I JUST TOOK.

Any ideas on what to do?

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