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thepatient 01-04-2021 12:02 PM

Parasite Worms Infested Misdiagnosed Broken Skull Wound
In 2018 I went to the emergency department at Saint Vincent's East Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama (Ascension) for what I thought was a broken neck or spinal injury. I believed I may have had a stroke or seizure and associated motor function loss. The doctors x-rayed me and told me it was muscle strain but having had broken bones before, I knew this was a very serious injury.

I later got my x-rays and records from the hospital and noticed something interesting. There are fewer pictures on the CD than they took and the angles / frames that would show the injury clearly and from behind were either missing or looked edited. This sparked a curiosity in me that led to a personal quest of investigation. My gut feeling told me that they were wrong.

8 months later my neck problem had not healed. I returned to St. Vincent's East Hospital Emergency Department for a CT scan of my skull and cervical spine and was again diagnosed with muscle strain. I knew their findings were in error. I got my records and Computed Tomography images from this visit and in these pictures I discovered I had broken the underside of my skull, contrary to what the doctors told me. Coincidentally, an injury shows up clearly in the images in the same area that I have pain in my head.

My injury has not healed in over two years. After having an MRI scan which showed normal in August, 2019 I again got my medical records / images and found out some extent of my injury on my own. I have basilar skull bone breakage in the area of the occipital condyle and condylar canal (possibly the foramen magnum is also damaged). The fracture has leaked cerebral spinal fluid into my neck below. The wound became infected and infested with parasites. The worms and insects (some three inches in length) are observable in many image sets from various sources.

I cannot adequately treat this injury because doctors will not acknowledge or diagnose it. Following obtaining my medical records in March 2020 my story has taken a turn straight out of a Hollywood movie. I am now under some form of surveillance/harassment by an unknown party. My family was also targeted and attacked. Their computer was hacked & strange cars with dark tinted windows sit parked in their neighborhood. I've spotted drones in the area as well. After being employed by the local medical industry from 20 years, family were terminated from their jobs mysteriously.

kis348 04-27-2021 11:32 AM

Re: Parasite Worms Infested Misdiagnosed Broken Skull Wound
Have you considered a mental health evaluation? Just to make sure you're understanding things clearly? Just a thought.

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