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ctubbs90 09-27-2012 09:30 AM

8 year old with prior brain bleed
My 8 year old grand daughter suffered a sudden brain bleed in the left temporal lobe in Jan of this year. Since then she continuously squeezes her hands together, has right periperal vision loss in both eyes, has outburts (mostly vocal), her attention & focusing is short, has short term memory loss.

Has anyone else suffered something like this or know of anyone who has?

azoremom 05-25-2013 05:33 PM

Re: 8 year old with prior brain bleed
My husband had a small brain bleed and I know that even after the bleed stopped and all scans showed clear that if it wasn't for the neuropsychologist (dealing with brain injuries) I would never have had the help for him. She may have damage on the cellular level that does not show up. My husband was going out of his head with seizure "type" episodes and he would talk and respond, but not be there. We got some biofeedback also knows as neurofeedback. Please ask about this. Even if your insurance will not pay, maybe you can get this done. Four months later my husband was able to do his job - preaching. Yes, he still has some cognitive issues two years later, but I feel he stays so busy that he is not taking time to do brain games and things that will help much of the remainder.

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