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loloweid13 01-15-2013 10:32 AM

Questions about what you've tried/done to progress

New here so forgive me if this question has already been asked and me to that if this is so.

I've had two car accidents. One was in 1993 (I had to use a calculator as I couldn't remember what the answer was...more on that....), the second one was in 2004. The first accident my car was flipped over. When I tried to get out, I did not realize I still had my seatbelt on...but I was in such a panic that when I did figure it out I immediately released the belt and subsequently fell straight down, very hard, on the top of my head. My second accident was a near head on collision and my head was thrown into the windsheild on the left side of my head....I was also spun around multiple times before the car actually stopped.

I think back at my first accident I was already showing signs of a brain injury, but of course back then I don't think anyone even knew what a brain injury was and therefore it was never even discussed as a possible reason for what I was dealing with. I was mainly very misdiagnosed with depression and a sleep disorder, put on a slew of anti-depressants and sleep medications, and did a lot of talk therapy to figure out what my root emotional and personal problems were...none of which actually solved my problem, but I learned some great coping skills to fake everyone else out about how I was dealing with life.;)

Fast forward to my second accident. I also suffered a back injury, my younger sister suffered a major stroke (on the same day as my accident), and my oldest son created his own chaos in his life. It was like a nuclear explosion had gone off in my life. It took a good three months for everything to settle down and that is when I started experiencing my first brain glitches. I didn't recognize myself in the mirror, had moments of not knowing who my children were, got lost and didn't know where I was, couldn't add numbers, had conversations with people but in all honesty thought they were speaking a foreign language because I didn't understand a word they were saying.

It is now 9 years post accident. And I'm still dealing with cognitive issues...although not near the intensity it was initially. I am left with residual issues.

I'm going to look at going to a neuro psychologist for some testing and then hopefully subsequent help.

I have difficulty with memory, retaining info I have just learned, social interaction. I'd love to have a job, but I'm terrified of the interview because I won't be able to answer the questions (I know, I've done it already...just stopped trying for a job at this point.) I think I have ADD. Either I had it previously and the accidents just brought it to the forefront, or it has occurred because of the accidents. That, or I already had a learning disability prior to the accidents.

Whatever it is, I want to figure it out and learn to move forward.

any suggestions as to how to go about this?

azoremom 05-25-2013 06:22 PM

Re: Questions about what you've tried/done to progress

A Neuropsychologist is exactly what you need to have done as well as some brain maps - which obviously you have not had done if you are just now going. I had a neuropsychologist help me who "happened" to be on our island at the time of my husband's accident and if it weren't for her making me sit down and take notes of what I needed to do stateside, I would never have known. I took him to a neurologist stateside and he just gave meds and said time was healing. It was her that helped me most who directed me to specialized places that do the right type of neurofeedback or biofeedback. These brain maps showed us in color the exact degree of damage (when MRI, CT and MRA showed clear). We went twice weekly for several months and each 10 days new brain maps showing the changes for the good.

Yes, there are still cognitive issues, but they re-routed the brain to find new ways to do what needed to be done and help him as he was out of his head often also. You are doing the right thing to get this help. Ask specifically about these treatments and preferably at a training hospital.

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