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  • Brain fog, depression, anxiety, detached feeling.

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    Old 11-27-2016, 06:57 AM   #1
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    Brain fog, depression, anxiety, detached feeling.

    Hey everyone,

    for the last year of my life i have been living in a nightmare, dealing with symptoms that scared me to death, brain fog, feeling detached from the world, confused, dizzy, anxiety, depression, poor vision, verry bad memory loss and geting worse daily, cant focus on anything, everything i do feels like it happend years ago, mood swings, lack of mental clairity and many more. During this horrible experince i jave tried many diets, exercizes, meditating and more. They helped to some degree but didnt cure me or even come close to. my doctor prescribed me anti anxiety meds which i took for 1 day and them threw away after lookin up all the sode effects.

    No one understands how i feel no one i know frels this way and they dont seemnto care either. ive lost two good friends because because i started to distance myself from ppl because my symptoms olny got worse around ppl, my dizzyness especially. Things had got so bad that i would wake up in the morning and not remember anythung from the day before, which is horryifing experence. i went back to my doctor months after she gave me the anxiety meds and i told her aboit my new and worsening symtoms, she told me i made no sense and needed to see a psychiatrist.

    at this point i decided to do some digging online and i was able to determine that my problems were caused by a blood sugar imbalance, leaky gut, and an inflammed brain. so i started eating no dairy, gluten ,soy, or added sugar. Also i started doing coffe enemas, and lots of gargling which helps active the vagus nerve. Very important if you have a gut to brain issue.

    i am someome who had struggled for a long time searching for answers and the worst feeling is not knowing ehat to fo or whats wrong so i want every1 to learn what i have and have a shot at curing there problems.

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    Re: Brain fog, depression, anxiety, detached feeling.

    Hi. I just want to ask you if you have ever seen a neurologist. Your symptoms sound exactly what mine sounded like ten years took a fall, where I actually had my feet go numb and I fell down some stairs to get me to a doctor. Once there, they started asking me about depression, anxiety, that detached feeling and brain fog. Allot of things started clicking when answering their questions. One of which was a big one...heat sensitivity. I noticed that I felt worse in the heat...something as small as blow drying my hair would have me on the bathroom floor crying in frustration. Being outside and trying to hang with my friends had me feeling detached...turns out there was a reason.

    I was sent to a MRI machine by my doctor where they found lesions (scars) on my brain from damage. They said I had had this for probably 5 years, but I was never checked out. The MRI resulted in seeing a neurologist, who then determined that I have multiple sclerosis. Fast forward ten years. I now know how to handle my disease. Ive told no one except close friends. I work 3 jobs including one as college professor. MS has not changed my life, but has explained quite a bit.

    Have you considered that something very well may be wrong ? Coffee enemas are not a cure for anything. In fact, they can cause you major problems down the road. Please consider seeing a speciailist for futher testing just to make sure there isnt a reason for your problems.
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    Re: Brain fog, depression, anxiety, detached feeling.

    Hey thank you for the reply, no i havnt been to a nerologist yet, every time i tried to go to the doctor she looked at me like i eas stupid and never gave any helpful information. Ill have to call around and find the right doctor and see what they can do. Also i have always been senitive to heat so maybe there is a connection there. What exactly did they do to help you?

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    Re: Brain fog, depression, anxiety, detached feeling.

    Hi Brent,
    Can you remember back to when these symptoms first started, and what was going on in your life? Did you move, change jobs, anything real physically demanding that was not a normal every day thing? Or go through a lot of stress?
    I am asking because your symptoms may be coming from something that is very treatable and easy to treat, as I went through this years ago, and still get therapy for it occasionally but doctors almost always miss the source or checking a person for this.
    The cause could easily be the deep muscles in your neck and upper back and shoulder blades. People and even doctors seem to think a person has to be in pain to have this problem, but they do not. Stress alone can cause it, or overuse such as heavy lifting etc.
    What happens is the muscles tense up, form knots, and this does not go away, it may settle down, but then the symptoms start. The knots put pressure on the blood vessels going to the brain affecting the oxygen supply, causing the light headedness, the dizzy spells, the lack of even short term memory, the confusion, even the trouble with lights, and many other symptoms, to where a person feels like they are going crazy. I went through this for 6 months.
    I got almost immediate help and relief by a physical therapist working on those muscles, where the knots were released and this takes the pressure off the blood vessels and relieves you of the symptoms.
    Years ago soft tissue work was what I had, it worked very well, but was painful. Now the therapist does Counter Strain. It is very gentle, you are put in a position, that releases the knot in the muscle, then after a few minutes, they move on to the next one.
    You can easily check yourself by putting one hand on the opposite shoulder and squeezing very firm. There should not be any pain, but if there is, and you get pressure in your head and face, this is most likely the cause, and you should get in to a physical therapist as soon as you can.
    I know how hard it is to live with these symptoms. Also, our muscles have a memory, so even to this day, if I overdo it physically, I end up with the symptoms coming on again, and go back occasionally. I hope this helps you.

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    Re: Brain fog, depression, anxiety, detached feeling.

    I had all of those feelings (not depression) and ALL of it cleared up when I took vitamin d at high doses. They put me on intense doses for a few months and now I maintain with 5,000. If I drop under I know, and symptoms return. I had to argue with a nurse once as she didn't believe I could feel my numbers had slipped under again. They did a blood test and they had in fact dropped under the normal range again.

    So if you haven't, have this level checked. I have felt good now for 5 years after searching for answer for that for 10. I had been severely deficient in vitamin D. Like a 3 or 6.

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