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naresham1977 12-17-2019 10:51 AM

Encephalomalacia With Gliosis After Stroke
My brother had a stroke 5 years ago with right side paralysis and now he has recovered but still his speech is not clear and cannot pronounce words. Also he has difficulty understanding and has memory loss. Also he has pain in his right hands and legs. He also says that he feels his whole of right side has become heavier and feels swollen though I can't see any swelling. So he sleeps on his left side most of the time as he feels like he's falling from a high mountain if he lays down on his right side.

His recent CT scan of the brain shows this "Old ischemic changes in left temporo parieto-occipital lobe with changes of encephalomalacia and surrounding gliosis, Sequal of old ischemic insult"

His MRI says "Moderate size encephalomalacia in the left posterior and left temporal parietal lobes appearing hypointense on T1 and hyperintense on T2-weighted images. Exvacuodilatation of the adjacent left lateral ventricle is noted"

I want to know how serious is this and if left untreated will this progress as he gets older and is this life threatening. What all damage to his body this can cause as I have read online that Encephalomalacia cannot be cured and has dangerous consequences. So I am very worried. Any clear explanation is highly appreciated.

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