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Anybody 03-22-2004 11:31 AM

Re: severe brain fog, fatigue, can't concentrate, focus or talk right..what is wrong?
Brain fog. Now that is something that I am very familiar with. It snuck up on me a little at a time. Starting more than 5 years ago. There were days when I was just lethargic. Blood Pressure was down.
And then about 2 years ago, I got some of those frozen chinese veg.dinners where you just add meat. Well, it was so good that I ate the whole thing. That nite I had the worst "attack" of brain fog, low blood pressure ever. A few days later I ate the other package of this veg. dinner. Same thing happened.

[SIZE=5]M S G !![/SIZE]

With this answer I now pursued solutions. AVOID IT. Not so easy, it is everywhere, in everthing that is boxed, bottled or otherwise packaged.
It is in fast food hamburgers. It is sprayed on salad greens as a freshness preserver. The FDA considers it "natural" therefore there is no requirement to list it on labels, so being "Organic" is no assurance that it is MSG free.

Farmers are using a product that contains MSG. It is not only a neuro-stimulant in people, it stimulates plant to grow. This is unfortunate for those sensitive who eat the produce. My latest brain-busting headache came from potatos. There are a couple of new varieties on the shelves.

There seems to be nothing one can do to stop the agony. You might try distilled water. I thought of that the other day, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. I don't look forward to that chance.
The attacks are dose related, and the more you get the worse you will feel. Anthing from mild lethargy to severe life threatening asthma.

Doctors do not have a clue.

Take note of what you have eaten that may have it in or on.

I look forward to seeing your postings after you have taken MSG avoidance procedures. I react the same way to tryamines. So you have to consider that too. Old eggs and fish are guilty.

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