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Spydc 10-13-2004 08:26 PM

Constant Nausea and headaches...What's wrong with me
I am 24 years ago and I have been suffering from severe headaches since sometime last year... it felt almost like pressure in my head than a normal headache.. Some people thought it was probably sinus pressure. I went to the hospital at the time and got a ct scan, chest xrays, and blood tests.. they found nothing.. I was just given medication for my pain "butalbital" or something like that. My headaches were kept in check but every now and then the severe pressure like headaches would return. Also during this time I was having pain on my temples too.. it actually felt scarey and i went back to the doctor and they ran another blood test...and nothing.. Most of the time I feel like I have these dull headaches...

Another problem is that ever since last year I get nauseous very easily..I get car sick sometimes.. and the most annoying thing is now I can't enjoy roller coasters anymore. I get severely nauseous on roller coasters now. I never had that problem before and it is so depressing. I can't enjoy Six Flags like I used to. The weird thing is that I can trace this nausea problem back to Six Flags last october "fright fest". It was a chilly day and I was there when it opened. The first ride I went on was the Superman ride. I felt great.. the next ride I went on was the virtually empty scream machine and I think I got whip lash on that ride.. I got nauseous on every single ride I've been on since the scream machine and the nausea problem still continues to this day. Anyone know what it could be? Would going to a neurologist help?

Kamden 10-14-2004 07:20 PM

Re: Constant Nausea and headaches...What's wrong with me
Your symptoms are all pointing to a problem with your neck. I know because I had severe whiplash from a car accident and had these symptoms and many more. Whiplash can strain the muscles in your neck causing them to go into spasm or develope knots, these knots press on the blood vessels going to the brain causing the headaches, and also the nausea, I got this also. I went to physical therapy where they do soft tissue massage and knead the knots out taking the pressure off the blood vessels. You could go to a neuro. and get referred to PT or if your insurance lets you, make an appointment yourself with a therapist who knows how to do soft tissue work. Not having any other symptoms such as neck pain can actually be normal, when I had a relapse, I had no other symptoms except dizzy spells, no neck pain whatsoever, yet that was the source again, because I had over stretched my muscles again. Good luck and I hope you find relief.

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